Full Form of UNIDO : The full form of UNIDO is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

What is the full form of UNIDO?

No:1. The full form of UNIDO is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.
No:2. It is a United Nations Specialist Organization.
No:3. It focuses on encouraging and accelerating industrial growth for reducing poverty, full globalisation and environmental protection in member nations.
No:4. In 1966, UNIDO was founded and it became the United Nations Specialist Organization in 1985.
No:5. It is the only united Nation organisation that focuses on reducing poverty by generating wealth via production.
No:6. Its aim is to promote and accelerate ISID (Inclusive & sustainable industrial development) in the member countries, as defined in the Lima Statement.
No:7. It assumes that, for the good of the coming generations, ISID is the main factor for sustainable growth.
No:8. UNIDO headquarters is located in Vienna and its liaison offices are in Geneva, Brussels and New York etc.
No:9. It has 47 country & regional offices to establish a worldwide field infrastructure.

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Structure of UNIDO

No:1. UNIDO has two policy-making entities that are General Conference & the Committee on Industrial Development and a Program & Budget Committee, a subsidiary body of the Committee on Industrial Development.
No:2. There are about 700 UNIDO team members employed at the headquarters and other offices worldwide.
No:3. Its programmes concentrate primarily on the developing nations, the agro-based sectors and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Objectives of UNIDO

The main objectives of UNIDO are as follows :
No:1. To develop and disseminate information relevant to the industry
No:2. Providing the Member States and other participants with a forum for strengthening cooperation and developing coordination & partnerships
No:3. Development and implementation of programmes aimed at stimulating business development in emerging and transition economies.

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