Reasoning for Banking

Reasoning for Banking
Reasoning for Banking

Reasoning for Banking:- Get Reasoning Tricks, Books, Study Material & Notes for SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS SO/Clerk/RRB, & RBI Bank exam preparation.

Reasoning involves questions from verbal reasoning (logical reasoning) based on critical thinking or analytic reasoning basically, it involves one’s ability to confine and identify the various components of any given statement.

We share Banking Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF or Reasoning Puzzles Tricks for aspirants who preparing for Banking Competitive Exams.

Only a person with higher logical reasoning ability can score more in the bank exams. Get topic-wise reasoning ability weightage for various Bank exams. We share Banking Reasoning Syllabus according notes in hindi and english.

Reasoning for Banking Exams

Reasoning Section is also comprised of Computer Aptitude Test which is basically a scientifically validated test designed to measure your aptitude for working with computers.

It tests your ability to solve questions quickly which is important in order to score good marks. You do not need computer expertise to take this test. Try out reasoning test here with solving Reasoning Puzzle Questions in Hindi, Math and Reasoning Question Answers.

Reasoning is one of the key part of all competitive examinations like SBI PO, Clerk, IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB, RBI etc.

The Reasoning as a subject and Questions are considered as a scoring part of exam but only if you are well versed with practice and tricks. These questions crucial in securing your rank.

Aspirants can find reasoning questions for Bank exam, IBPS Clerk, SSC, UPSC etc Competitive Exams.

Candidates preparing for banking and other competitive exams can assess your ability in this post.

We share Complete Reasoning Questions for Bank Exams with Answers, Reasoning for Banking Syllabus According in Hindi and English.

How To Prepare Reasoning For Bank Exams

In this article, we shall explore the best preparation tips for Reasoning section of Bank exams. Know how to solve reasoning questions for bank exams and prepare accordingly.

Reasoning is the most important section in any bank exam. This section consists of logical reasoning questions. This section helps in analysing the thinking and analytical ability and decision making power of a candidate.

Reasoning questions are generally confusing, candidates cannot decide the answer without taking some time and they have to apply good analytical skills.

This is the reason why the reasoning part should not be attempted first during the bank exams.

Here are available all the Logical Reasoning topics with complete logical reasoning questions and answers for SSC, Bank and Other Competitive Exams.

Students who are searching for logical reasoning questions can easily practice here with all the important logical reasoning topics.

Tricks to Solve Reasoning Questions for Bank Exams

A collection 2000 Logical Reasoning questions with detailed explanations to practice for NABARD, RBI, IBPS and SBI competitive exams.

No.-1. Reasoning and Aptitude Kamal Choudhary Handwritten PDF

No.-2. Reasoning Class Notes of rakesh Yadav PDF Download

No.-3. Download Reasoning Handwritten Notes PDF

No.-4. Reasoning Handwritten Notes PDF Download

No.-5. Reasoning Dice and calendar PDF Download

No.-6. Best Reasoning By Ajay Singh PDF Download

No.-7. Verbal Reasoning Handwritten Notes PDF Download

Que.-1. In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.

Car : Road : : Ship : ?


1) Water

2) Air

3) Road

4) Both Air and Water

Correct Answer: Water


Que.-2. In the following question, select the related letters from the given alternatives.

GLOW : FJNU : : PTEL : ?






Correct Answer: ORDJ


Que.-3. In the following question, select the related number from the given alternatives.

5 : 124 : : 6 : ?


1) 215

2) 216

3) 217

4) 220

Correct Answer: 215


Que.-4. In the following question, select the odd word pair from the given alternatives.


1) Error : Accurate

2) Careless : Casual

3) Strength : Lethargy

4) Gloomy : Cheerful

Correct Answer: Careless : Casual


Que.-5. In the following question, select the odd letters from the given alternatives.






Correct Answer: CWDX


Que.-6. In the following question, select the odd number pair from the given alternatives.


1) 11 – 120

2) 17 – 290

3) 21 – 442

4) 12 – 145

Correct Answer: 11 – 120


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