Full Form of LOL : Laughing Out Loud

What is the full form of LOL ?

No:1. LOL is an acronym stands for Laughing Out loud.
No:2. It is a very common internet slang used in chatting on internet.
No:3. It is use when someone find something very funny or extremely amusing.
No:4. There are some other alternative of this slang like ROFL, LMAO etc. use according to the intensity of the laughter.
No:5. The list of these acronyms are growing day by day as the new abbreviations are add.
No:6. There are also some smileys use to response the funny situations over the internet.
No:7. LOL was first include in Oxford dictionary in March, 2011.

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Where to use LOL ?

No:1. LOL is use in conversation over the internet.
No:2. It is generally use in social networking site. At the time of chatting, when a person find something funny then he use LOL to show that he is laughing very loudly.
No:3. Emotions and Smileys are also use to indicate the situation of laughter.

For example: Assume, two persons are chatting on internet.

First Person: Hi.
Second Person: Hi..
First Person: I just got slapped from the girl, I met yesterday.
Second Person: LOL


No:1. LOL just should be use in casual talks and the conversation over the internet.
No:2. It should not be use in formal conversation.

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