Full Form of HTC :

The full form of HTC is High Tech Computer

What is the full form of HTC ?

No:1. The full form of HTC is High Tech Computer.
No:2. Actually, it is formerly known as High Tech Computer corporation.
No:3. Now a days, it is popular as HTC corporation.
No:4. It is a Taiwanese company best known for manufacturing smart phones and tablets.
No:5. It was founded in 1997 by “Cher Wang” in Taiyuan City, Taiwan.
No:6. HTC’s smart phones are based on android and windows mobile operating system.
No:7. HTC had produced the first ever android smart phone in the market named HTC dream.
No:8. HTC makes smart phones with the android and window phone operating system both.
No:9. It also makes PDA’s. It generally creates a base design, gives it to a codename and offers the device to be sold and rebranded by other companies.
No:10. In 2006, HTC started offering devices under its own name.
No:11. The main reason behind its popularity is that it provides a very sleek and attractive design with a great user interface.

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Brief History

No:1. HTC was establish in 1997 to produce a new generation of personal digital assistance or smartphones.
No:2. In 2000, HTC bagged the contract to develop and manufacture a PDA (the Ipaq) for Compaq Corporation.
No:3. In 2001, HTC reached an agreement with Microsoft Corporation to produce a new generation of mobile telephones.
No:4. In 2002, HTC released its first smartphone and its first wireless Pocket PC.
No:5. In 2004, HTC acquired IA Style and its revenue reached $1 billion.
No:6. In 2005, it became the first company to introduce a smartphone based on the new Window Mobile 5.0 operating system.
No:7. In 2007, it acquired the Dopod International, a mobile-device company.

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