Full Form of BPO : Full Form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing.

What is the Full form of BPO?

No:1. The full form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing.

No:2. It is an organization contract with a 3rd party (or an independent) service provider with regards to its workflow activities and obligations.

No:3. BPO is a cost-saving process that allows enterprises to outsource their non-core functions.

No:4. The outsourcing of repetitive or secondary business operations is in vogue and at present there is little or no multinational corporation left unaffected by outsourcing it’s maintenance.

No:5. Through offering technical support, customer care services, human resources, communications, etc.

No:6. BPO has gained considerable significance over this period.


Types of BPO options are given below :

There are 2 categories of BPO using which a business can transfer his non-core activities to the 3rd  party service provider.

No:1. Back Office Outsourcing :

a). This process of BPO( Business Process Outsourcing) involves internal business functions.

b). This type of processing requires specific technical skills in the 3rd  party employees to handle multiple tasks.

Some key functions of this type of BPO are as follows :-

1). Finance and Accounting

2). Human Resources

3). IT solutions

No:2. Front Office Outsourcing :

a). This process of Business Process outsourcing (BPO) involves business functions, that are customer functioning related.

b). Here the 3rd  party employees require general communication skills and not the specific technical skills.

c). Also many times people define such type of outsourcing as a call center.

Some key functions of this type of BPO are as follows :-

1). Customer support

2). Technical Support

3). Sales

Essential education and skills required for BPO Jobs is :

A lot of people have such misbelief that anyone can join the job of the BPO sector.

But the truth is that you must need different skills for different BPO profiles.

Minimum qualification for BPO Jobs is :

No:1. For Back office – Minimum Graduation in the specific field.

No:2. For Front office –  Minimum 12th or intermediate from any stream.

Some of basic Skills required for BPO Jobs are :

No:1. Communication skills- written and spoken

No:2. Willingness to help

No:3. Discipline- have to work in any shift

Advantages of BPO are given below which are as follows :

No:1. Stay focused on the main business

No:2. Reduced overhead

No:3. External Expertise

No:4. Effective and cost-cut

No:5. Increase efficiency at the business

No:6. Revenue growth etc.






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