Full Form of UNICEF : The United Nations Children’s Fund

What is the Full form of UNICEF?

No:1. The full form of UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund.
No:2. Commonly it is named as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.
No:3. It is a unique United Nations programme that operates for the common health of children & mother who really need it around the globe.

The Brief History of UNICEF

No:1. It was founded for the welfare of European children after World War II by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946.
No:2. The General Assembly expanded its mandate in 1950 so that it could support children as well as mothers who need developing nations.
No:3. The permanent member of the United Nations General Assembly became UNICEF in 1953 and its title was simplified to United Nations No:4. Children’s Fund, but the assembly kept its acronym as UNICEF.
No:5. UNICEF operates in more than 190 nations currently.
No:6. It partnered with local organisations, corporate partners and national governments aim of providing emergency relief assistance for mothers and children who need it.

Primary problems UNICEF focused on

UNICEF insists that every child has the right to good nutrition, health, education and security against violence and exploitation. Therefore, it focuses on the following significant issues faced by children mentioned below
No:1. Hunger
No:2. Disease
No:3. War
No:4. Exploitation and violence
No:5. Disaster

UNICEF Regional Offices

The following countries are home to UNICEF Regional Offices :
No:1. The Americas and Caribbean Regional Office, Panama City, Panama
No:2. Europe and Central Asia Regional Office, Geneva, Switzerland
No:3. East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand
No:4. Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office, Nairobi, Kenya
No:5. Middle East and North Africa Regional Office, Amman, Jordan
No:6. South Asia Regional Office, Kathmandu, Nepal
No:7. West and Central Africa Regional Office, Senegal

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