Sport Quiz Questions and Answers - SSC NOTES PDF
Sport Quiz Questions and Answers

Sport Quiz Questions and Answers

Sport Quiz Questions and Answers:- In this post we share Quiz Questions and Answers on Sport in English language. If you are searching for Indian Sport Quiz Questions and Answers or Sport Quiz Questions with Answers, then you are on right website.

Sport Quiz Questions and Answers

Que.-1. Who won 2019’s Sports Personality of the Year?
Ans. Ben Stokes
Que.-2. How many goals did England score (excluding penalty shoot-outs) at the Mens’ 2018 FIFA World Cup?
Ans. 12
Que.-3. Ben Stokes inspired England’s 2019 Cricket World Cup final victory over New Zealand – who scored the second-highest number of runs in the match for England?
Ans. Jos Buttler
Que.-4. How many different teams have won the Premier League since the start of the inaugural season in 1992/93?
Ans. Six (Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester, Blackburn)
Que.-5. What are the five colours of the Olympic rings?
Ans. Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red.

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Que.-6. What score did cricketing legend Don Bradman average as a batsman across his career?
Ans. 99.94
Que.-7. At which venue is the British Grand Prix held?
Ans. Silverstone
Que.-8. How many horses are on each team in a polo match?
Ans. Four
Que.-9. Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?
Ans. Augusta National Golf Club
Que.-10. Which European city hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics?
Ans. Berlin

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