Full Form of PhD : The full form of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy

What is the full form of PhD?

No:1. The full form of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy.
No:2. In some countries, Ph. D also termed as DPhil or D.Phil.
No:3. A doctorate holder can use the word ‘Dr.’ before their name and be considered as a doctor.
No:4. Ph. D curriculum is the most notable training in a profession and a man graduating with a PhD is considered to be highly qualified in his sector.
No:5. It is an internationally recognized PG program which requires years of study, so one has to publish and access his work to receive a PhD.
No:6. Most doctoral degrees require completion of the coursework, detailed exams and a thesis and need at least three years of guidance for the research.

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Eligibility criteria

No:1. Candidates can only pursue a PhD course if they have completed their Master’s degree in a particular field or course or stream where they intend to start a PhD.
No:2. Some universities also clearly state candidates must have done an MPhil to undertake a PhD course they are offering.
No:3. Nonetheless, several colleges require that candidates fulfil the qualifications they offer for PhD programs whether they have cleared UGC NET.
No:4. Candidates who wish to pursue a PhD in Engineering must have a justifiable GATE score.

Objectives of the PhD course

No:1. PhD is one of the standards and most prestigious academic degrees awarded by any institution.
No:2. The primary goal of the doctoral degrees is to educate the next generation of leading researchers and scientists.

List of a subject in which PhD degree is offered

No:1. Engineering
No:2. Biochemistry
No:3. Biotechnology
No:4. Chemistry
No:5. Accounting
No:6. Economics
No:7. Finance
No:8. Management of Health Care
No:9. Organizational Behavior
No:10. Statistics
No:11. Physics
No:12. Mathematic

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