Full Form of PCS : Provincial Civil Service

What is the full form of PCS

No:1. The full form of PCS is Provincial Civil Service.
No:2. Provincial Civil Service is a state level civil service.
No:3. Its employees are worked under state Government and cannot be transferred to other states.
No:4. Every state has its own public service commission which organize a multi layer exam to select employees.
No:5. It is also known as state civil service.

Major concerns and reforms

Promotion to IAS

No:1. According to the Indian Administrative Service (Appointment by Promotion) Regulations, 1955, PCS officers are eligible for promotion to IAS after completion of eight years of service.
No:2. But in reality, they are generally promoted to IAS after two decades in service.
No:3. Some PCS officers moved to the Allahabad High Court, due to the anomalies in their seniority which slowed down their promotion for almost one decade.
No:4. The matter was resolved in 2012 as mentioned in their latest gradation list.

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Political influence

No:1. Directly recruited IAS officers often complain about promotee IAS officers are given preference in field postings due to their close proximity to politicians which they form in two decades of their service.
No:2. Since the state government were often rule by regional parties, many politicians allegedly fix ‘their men’ as divisional commissioners and district magistrates.
No:3. Also, an inquiry of recruitment of PCS officers by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) from 2012, by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), has been start.


No:1. Recently two PCS officers were suspend by the state government for an alleged land scam of ₹26 crore (equivalent to ₹30 crore or US$4.2 million in 2019).
No:2. The house of a promotee IAS officer and a former district magistrate and collector of Ghaziabad, Vimal Kumar house was raid by the Income Tax Department.
No:3. Another promotee IAS officer Mr. PC Gupta who was post as CEO of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority was arrest for his alleged role in Rs. 126 crore land scam.

Notable PCS officers

Members of the service include :
No:1. Sri Lal Sukla
No:2. Hardeo Singh
No:3. Shyam Singh Yadav
No:4. Manoj Kumar Chauhan

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