Full Form of KBPS : kilobits per second

What is the Full form of KBPS?

No:1. The full form of kbps is kilobits per second.
No:2. It is a standard system of the data transfer value.
No:3. The speed of data transmission over the networks is measured in terms of kilobits per second, that is the bandwidth measurement on the data transmission platform.
No:3. It is commonly used for measuring the value of data transmission in the data communication sector.

Some important points related to KBPS

No:1. Bandwidth is the sum of information that can be transmitted for a given period of time.
a).  1kbbs per second = 1000 bits
b). 200 kbps per second = 200000 bits
c). 1 Mbps per seconds = 1000 kilobits
d). 1 Gbps per second = 1000 Megabits

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Difference between the kbps and KBps

No:1. The full form of KBps is Kilobytes per second.No:1. The full form of kbps is kilobits per second.
No:2. KBps is a binary kilobyte unit, and
1 byte = Eight bits
No:2. Kbps is a decimal kilobit unit.


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