Current GK Questions and Answers

Current GK Questions and Answers

Current GK Questions and Answers:-GK  is India’s top website for GK (General Knowledge), General Studies, Current Affairs and Aptitude for UPSC, SSC, Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC and other states civil services / government job recruitment examinations of India.

Current GK Questions and Answers

No.-1.  Who was the author of the book ‘The Sound and the Fury’?

Answer: William Faulkner.

No.-2.  Alpha-keratin is a protein present in which thing?

Answer: Wool.

No.-3.  What does Hygrometer measure?

Answer: Relative Humidity or moisture content in atmosphere.

No.-4.  What was the first country to recognize the United States as a nation?

Answer: Morocco.

No.-5.  Which of the following is used as ‘a moderator in nuclear reactor?

Answer: Graphite

No.-6.  How many rings on the Olympic flag?

Answer: Five.

No.-7.  The Negev desert is located in?

Answer: Israel.

No.-8.  Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?

Answer: Mars.

No.-9.  Jalabiya is the traditional dress of which country? –

Answer: Saudi Arabia.

No.-10.  The lamprey closely resembles this animal:

Answer: Eel.

No.-11.  What was the source of the blue gem stone, lapis lazuli, for the people of Harappan culture?

Answer: Afghanistan.

No.-12.  What colour is vermilion a shade of?

Answer: Red.

No.-13.  In math, which geometric shape has more sides, a hexagon or a parallelogram?

Answer: A hexagon.

No.-14.  In baseball, the two opposing teams consist of how many players?

Answer: 9 players each.

No.-15.  A ‘doe’ is what kind of animal?

Answer: A female deer.

No.-16.  What is the capital of Morocco?

Answer: Rabat.

No.-17.  In which technology do Cryogenic engines find applications?

Answer: Rocket technology.

No.-18.  King Zog ruled which country?

Answer: Albania.

No.-19.  What U.S. city is the home of Playboy magazine?

Answer: Chicago.

No.-20.  The latitude of a place is the same as which place?

Answer: Celestial pole.

GK Questions and Answers

No.-21.  Sarafan is the dress worn in _?

Answer: Russia.

No.-22.  The type of symmetry of a human is:

Answer: Bilateral.

No.-23.  Which element that does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially?

Answer: Plutonium.

No.-24.  What colour is Spock’s blood?

Answer: Green.

No.-25.  Which countries have hosted the Winter Olympics most often (three times each)?

Answer: United States and France.

No.-26.  Which is the element found on the surface of the moon?

Answer: Titanium.

No.-27.  What does Radar Gun measure?

Answer: Speed of moving objects.

No.-28.  Which fictional captain is not human?

Answer: Flint.

No.-29.  Which Philosophy holds that the world is created and maintained by Universal Law?

Answer: Jain Philosophy.

No.-30.  Where in your body is your patella?

Answer: Knee (it’s the kneecap).

No.-31.  Who slew the medusa?

Answer: Perseus.

No.-32.  Which vitamin is considered to be a hormone?

Answer: D.

No.-33.  What does CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS mean?

Answer: Olympic Motto meaning “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.

No.-34.  The ‘red’ planet named after the Roman god of war is:

Answer: Mars.

No.-35.  Which can be used for biological control of mosquitoes?

Answer: Gambusia.

No.-36.  Where can you find London Bridge today?

Answer: USA (Arizona).

No.-37.  How many Interstate Highways are in Hawaii?

Answer: Three.

No.-38.   Which instrument used for finding out wind-direction?

Answer: Wind vane.

No.-39.  Cheongsam is the dress worn in?

Answer: China.

No.-40.  When unripe, this bright orange fruit is notoriously bitter:

Answer: Persimmon.

GK Questions

No.-41.  How are Latitude and Longitude?

Answer: Perpendicular to each other.

No.-42.   What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule?

Answer: Vodka.

No.-43.  What is the name given to the molten rock beneath the surface of the Earth?

Answer: Magma.

No.-44.  The improper function of which results in condition ‘Myxedema’ in human beings?

Answer: Thyroid gland.

No.-45.  The shining object on new moon day is?

Answer: Planet Venus.

No.-46.  Which architectural style dominated the period from 1400 to 1600?

Answer: The Renaissance.

No.-47.  Which was the first talkie film of India?

Answer: Alam Ara.

No.-48.  Who was the first man in space?

Answer: Yuri Gagarin.

No.-49.  Which president of the Confederate States of America was a West Point graduate?

Answer: President Jefferson Davis.

No.-50.  Where are a large number of species are found within a small unit of area?

Answer: Wet evergreen equatorial forests.

No.-51.  This is cloud of gas is typically called _?

Answer: Nebula.

No.-52.  Fill in the blank. “Ultimately a great nation is a _____ nation.”

Answer: Compassionate.

No.-53.  In 1610, Galileo Galilei discovered four moons of which planet?

Answer: Jupiter.

No.-54.  What would you do with a Yashmak?

Answer: Wear it – it’s an Arab veil.

No.-55.  When an atom loses an electron, it becomes a:

Answer: Positive ion.

No.-56.  When does Relative humidity decreases?

Answer: With increased temperature.

No.-57.  What does Spirometer measure?

Answer: Volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs.

No.-58.  In 1987, which presidential candidate was photographed with Donna Rice aboard the yacht “Monkey Business”?

Answer: Gary Hart.

No.-59.  Through which Translocation of food materials in plants takes place?

Answer: Phloem.

No.-60.  Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?

Answer: Judas Iscariot.

GK Questions in English

No.-61.   Oak Park, Burbank, and Skokie are suburbs of which U.S. city?

Answer: Chicago.

No.-62.  Why is ‘Beaufort Scale’ used ?

Answer: To measure wind velocity.

No.-63.  Ashes Trophy is related to which sport?

Answer: Cricket.

No.-64.  What TV detective was based on the character of Petrovitch in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment?

Answer: Columbo.

No.-65.  Which is the tree requiring minimum water for its growth?

Answer: Babul.

No.-66.  Which animal lays eggs?

Answer: Duck billed platypus.

No.-67.  An eyepiece is sometimes called an ocular. True or False?

Answer: True.

No.-68.  In which is ‘Foot and Mouth Disease’ found?

Answer: Cattle.

No.-69.  What does Seismometer measure?

Answer: Motions of the ground.

No.-70.  Vesuvius is located near which major Italian city?

Answer: Naples.

No.-71.   In which latitudes largest quantities of bauxite is found?

Answer: Tropical latitudes.

No.-72.  On television what was Flipper?

Answer: Dolphin.

No.-73.  This type of poem became popular in the mid 19th century:

Answer: Limerick.

No.-74.  Which tree, once very popular in social forestry, is now taken to be environmental hazard?

Answer: Eucalyptus.

No.-75.  Masters Trophy is related to which sport?

Answer: Golf.

No.-76.  What nationality was Vincent van Gogh?

Answer: Dutch.

No.-77.  In which animal is respiration done by skin?

Answer: Frog.

No.-78.  Who’s band was The Quarrymen?

Answer: John Lennon.

No.-79.  In which country are Bat-Yam and Holon?

Answer: Israel.

No.-80.  The Ruhr-Westphalia region is a famous industrial region of which country?

Answer: Germany.

Current GK Question

No.-81.  Thomas and Uber cup is related to which sport?

Answer: Badminton.

No.-82.  In movies, for which film did Paul Newman win an Academy Award for Best Actor?

Answer: The Color of Money.

No.-83.  Which was the most successful Grand National horse?

Answer: Red Rum.

No.-84.  Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite?

Answer: Australia.

No.-85.  Davis cup is related to which sport?

Answer: Men’s Tennis.

No.-86.  A mass of frozen rock and gas that has a tail pointing away from the sun is a:

Answer: Comet.

No.-87.  What denotes the smallest temperature?

Answer: 1° on the Kelvin scale.

No.-88.  Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man?

Answer: Lee Majors.

No.-89.  A mass of frozen rock and gas that has a tail pointing away from the sun is a:

Answer: Comet.

No.-90.  Foot-and-Mouth disease in animals, a current epidemic in some parts of the world, By which is this


Answer: Bacterium.

No.-91.  What metal has the chemical symbol Pb?

Answer: Lead.

No.-92.  Scorpions are eight-legged arachnids, like spiders. True or False?

Answer: True.

No.-93.  ‘Gobar gas’ contains mainly which gas?

Answer: Methane.

No.-94.  In the song Waltzing Matilda, What is a Jumbuck?

Answer: Sheep.

No.-95.  Flower growers use the concept of capillary action when they:

Answer: Place cut flowers in dyed water to colour the petals.

No.-96.  What is the principal reason for the formation of metamorphic rocks?

Answer: Extreme heat and pressure.

No.-97.  Bronze is made from what two metals?

Answer: Copper and tin.

No.-98.  Which African leader is the only person in history to have addressed both the League of Nations and the UN?

Answer: Haile Selassie I.

No.-99.  Medicine for epilepsy is obtain from which lichen?

Answer: Parmelia

No.-100.  Who was Dan Dare’s greatest enemy in the Eagle?

Answer: Mekon.

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