Full Form of CSC : Common Service Centre

What is the full form of CSC?

No:1. CSS stands for Common Service Centre.
No:2. It is an information and communication technology access point created by the govt. of India for the people of rural areas.
No:3. It was created under the National e-Governance Project of Gov. of India.
No:4. This project was started in 2006. It was funded and implemented through a public-private partnership (PPP).
No:5. A CSC is like a kiosk provided with a personal computer, a wireless connection and other accessories.
No:6. It provides content related to e-governance, health, education, telemedicine, and more.
No:7. It is a PAN India network that is introduced to make India a digital country under the Digital India Program.
No:8. It is one of the largest government approved online service channels in the world.

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How CSC works?

No:1. It is an e-Governance service in which a special purpose vehicle (SPV) is used to connect the rural population with the govt. departments, private and govt. banks, and other service providers like insurance companies, institutes, and more.
No:2. The VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) operates from CSC to serve the users.

Objectives of CSC points

No:1. To offers rural population a point to access information
No:2. To ensure delivery of public services to the rural population
No:3. To promote rural empowerment of socially disadvantaged people for inclusive growth
No:4. To provide access to quality education and skill upgradation
No:5. To provide online access to quality and affordable health services
No:6. To promote rural entrepreneurship, social improvement, and participation from the people

Functions of CSC

No:1. To facilitate G2C (Government to Consumer) Communication related to health, education, social and economic development, agriculture, disaster warning, RTI, and more.
No:2. Dissemination of information through interactive kiosks, regional language interfaces, etc.
No:3. Edutainment (educational entertainment) in which people are educate through entertaining educational videos, group interaction, etc.
No:4. eGovernance & eServices that include eKrishi, banking, travel, insurance, post and the facility to fill eForms to apply for govt. services, and financial help such as payment for NREGA, etc.
No:5. To provide the facility of remote health camps, telemedicine, doctor advice, etc.
No:6. To offer online agriculture support to help farmers to increase their yield and income
No:7. Rural BPO to clear doubts of rural people about the govt. schemes, agricultural techniques, and more.

Key Features of CSC 2.0 scheme

No:1. A network of 2.5 lakh CSCs for all Gram Panchayats
No:2. A collection of e-services through a single delivery platform
No:3. Local help desk support
No:4. To encourage women to emerge as VLEs by offering attractive commissions

Important MCQ’s

Que.-1.H5N1 वायरस किस रोग के लिए उत्तरदायी है?

(a) स्वाइंग फ्लू

(b) एड्स

(c) बर्ड फ्लू

(d) कैंसर

Ans : (c) बर्ड फ्लू

Que.-2.’विश्व बैंक’ का मुख्यालय कहाँ है ?

(a) नीदरलैंड

(b) स्वीट्जरलैंड

(c) मनीला

(d) वाशिंगटन

Ans : (d) वाशिंगटन

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