Common General Knowledge Questions

Common General Knowledge Questions

Common General Knowledge Questions:-Here are the selective and latest questions with answers of Common General Knowledge for Exam and SSC. These Common General Knowledge Questions have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in other competitive exams. Practice with Common General Knowledge for better results in exams

Common General Knowledge Questions

No.-1.  Auditory nerve is a:

Answer: Eighth cranial nerve.

No.-2. The ancient Egyptians’ script which means “sacred writing”:

Answer: Hieroglyphic.

No.-3. Who formed the base of the feudal society?

Answer: The serfs.

No.-4. The unification of Germany was undertaken by:

Answer: Otto von Bismarck.

No.-5. The country that launched the first manmade satellite named Sputnik I:

Answer: U.S.S.R (4th October 1957).

No.-6. The ruler of Rome who was first to recognise two kinds of citizens in the country as Plebeians and the Patricians:

Answer: Servius.

No.-7. Who were the member countries of the Triple Entente?

Answer: Britain, France and Russia.

No.-8.  What was the relationship between Charles II and James II of Great Britain?

Answer: They were brothers.

No.-9. Which ocean surrounds the North Pole?

Answer: Arctic Ocean.

No.-10.  The people of the Asiatic Steppes are known as?

Answer: Kyrgyz.

Common general knowledge questions and answers

No.-11. The oldest functioning hotel in Asia?

Answer: The Great Eastern Hotel, Calcutta.

No.-12. What are the two major industrial cities in northern Italy?

Answer: Milan and Turin.

No.-13. Which northern Nigeria city is the centre on which the major caravan routes converge?

Answer: Kano.

No.-14. Which is the biggest French territory in the Caribbean?

Answer: Guadeloupe.

No.-15. Which port does Bolivia use in Chile?

Answer: Arica.

No.-16. Which crop is under the largest acreage in Australia?

Answer: Wheat.

No.-17. On the Andes mountain creatures, which one is famous for its wool?

Answer: Alpaca.

No.-18. ‘The Strategy of Economic Development’ is the work of:

Answer: Albert O. Hirschman.

No.-19. Where is the head quarters of Space Application Centre?

Answer: Ahmedabad.

No.-20. What is the autobiography of Sophia Loren named?

Answer: Sophia, Living and Loving.

No.-21. Where is the head quarters of the UNO?

Answer: In New York.

Most Common General Knowledge Questions

No.-22. The Peace Prize is awarded in:

Answer: Oslo, Norway.

No.-23. Which Olympics 10000 m ended in the three medals being won by athletes from the same country?

Answer: 1936, Finland.

No.-24. What is the Venue of  The FA Cup Final since 1923?

Answer: London’s Wembley Stadium.

No.-25. When in position on top of the stumps, the bails should project by:

Answer: 0.75 inch.

No.-26. Which player won three Wimbledon titles in his first attempt, but never played there again?

Answer: Bobby Riggs (1939).

No.-27. Bees cannot distinguish one colour, which?

Answer: Yellow.

No.-28. What did the Hebrews that moved to Babylon think when they saw the remaining of Ziggurats?

Answer: They took it for the Tower of Babel.

No.-29. Name the plant which spreads over a large area:

Answer: Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis).

No.-30. Which country is the biggest producer of manganese?

Answer: India.

No.-31. Name the organisation where the whole task of top level management is divided into a number of functions according to the nature of work involved:

Answer: Functional organisation.

No.-32. In public key systems one key may be publically known and other must be kept:

Answer: Secret.

Common General Knowledge Questions for Kids

No.-33. Which is High Frequencies (HF) band?

Answer: 3-30 Mhz.

No.-34. Platforms built for ship to come close to the shore are known as:

Answer: Wharves.

No.-35. How many phases are there for man’s interaction with his environment?

Answer: Three.

No.-36. What kind of geometrical reflecting surface would concentrate parallel rays to one point?

Answer: Paraboloid.

No.-37. Which waves are used in Sonography?

Answer: Ultrasonic.

No.-38. In which year Sirius crossed the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: 1838.

No.-39. Who introduced the Petrarchan sonnet form (octave and sestet) into English?

Answer: Wyatt and Surrey.

No.-40. Is it true or false to say there is no loss of fuel when internal combustion engine is not running?

Answer: True.

No.-41. What are the main contributions of Buddhism?

Answer: Sacrifice, the independence of the religion.

No.-42. Who wrote, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few are to be chewed and digested”?

Answer: Francis Bacon.

Common General Knowledge Questions in English

No.-43. What was the title of Brecht’s adaptation of the Beggar’s opera, which included the song ‘Mack the Knife’?

Answer: The Threepenny.

No.-44. Neptune was the Roman King of the oceans but the Greeks had another name for him. What was it?

Answer: Poseidon.

No.-45. Who promised America – “This nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth”?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

No.-46. What do you mean by East Australian current?

Answer: The warm ocean current flowing along the eastern coast of Australia.

No.-47. Émile Durkheim classified societies according to their:

Answer: Volume and density.

No.-48. With which religion is the town of Bethlehem associated?

Answer: Christianity.

No.-49. What are collateral loans?

Answer: Loans secured by collateral security.

No.-50. Who began work on an electric telegraph in 1830’s?

Answer: Samuel F. B. Morse.

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