BDS Full Form

BDS Full Form

Full Form of BDS: Full Form of BDS is Bachelor of Dental Surgery

What is the full form of BDS?

No:1. The full form of BDS is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery .

No:2. It is the India’s only authorized and recognized highly qualified dental course.

No:3. BDS is a Five-year undergraduate course that empowers students to enter into the profession of dental science and surgery.

No:4. BDS is a mandatory undergraduate dental course for students wishing to become a qualified dentist in any government hospital, college or private sector.

No:5. BDS is among the most popular courses after the MBBS course pursued by Biology students.

No:6. During the BDS course, one year of a paid internship, which is mandatory and is a part of the rotating curriculum, allows students to consider 2-3 rotations in different departments.

No:7. In this course students study subjects including Dental Histology, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology, Public Health Dentistry, and Emergency Medicine, etc. They are also gaining skills and education in dental practice.

Eligibility criteria for BDS:

No:1. The minimum required percentage is 50 % for enrollment to BDS in Class 12 with NEET qualification.

No:2. Students must have Chemistry, Physics and Biology as mandatory subjects with 50 percent marks.

List of some top BDS colleges is given below:

There are presently over 300 dental colleges all over India with about 26,000 seats, both in private and government universities.

No:1. Manipal College of Dental Science, Manipal

No:2. Faculty of Dental Sciences IMS BHU Varanasi

No:3. Faculty of Dental Sciences King George’s Medical University, Lucknow

No:4. Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai

No:5. Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi

Entrance examination for BDS course:

Admission is generally takes place on the basis of marks obtained NEET(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) results.

Process to get admission for BDS courses is:

No:1. Class 12 scores should be more than 85 % as these scores are also taken into consideration when admitting to a dental college.

No:2. There should be advanced subject knowledge, particularly in the field of science, so you can easily score well on NEET exam.

No:3. Candidates should clear the cut-off score by different prestigious colleges so that you can proceed with your admission procedure through counselling at your selected college.

No:4. NEET counselling session will consist of a total of 3 rounds so you should be ready for those sessions.

Career opportunity after BDS are :

No:1. Students can work in private and government sector

No:2. Students can also research in the field of dental science.

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