World Animals GK Questions Answers in English - SSC NOTES PDF
World Animals GK Questions Answers in English

World Animals GK Questions Answers in English

World Animals GK Questions in English: In this post, we are presenting Top 115 GK Questions Answers related to the world animal. Today we are telling you about the important general knowledge questions on world animals. These questions will improve your general knowledge level as well as very helpful for any competition and exams. So focused and start reading now these Very Good Questions on World Animals and Increase your GK level.

World Animals GK Questions Answers in English

Que:-1. The animal having longest life span? – Tortoise

Que:-2. What animal has the highest blood pressure? – Giraffe

Que:-3. Which bird can fly backwards? – Humming bird

Que:-4. Which species of bird flies at the highest elevation? – Bar-headed Goose

Que:-5. Which animal has largest brain in the World? – Sperm Whale

Que:-6. How many muscles in each ear of a cat? – 32

Que:-7. Which animal exclusively eat only eucalyptus leaves and nothing else?  – Koala

Que:-8. How far can an owl rotate its head? – 270 degree

Que:-9. The age of a lion can be determined from its – Color of nose

Que:-10. One horn rhino is found in – India

Que:-11. Rhino horn is made up of – Keratin

Que:-12. Name the only country where both tigers and lions are found – India

Que:-13. How many subspecies of tiger found in the world? – 9

Que:-14. Which one is the largest in size among the subspecies of tiger? – Siberian tiger

Que:-15. What is the scientific name of Bengal Tiger? – Panthera tigris tigris

Que:-16. The first animal to go into space was – Dog

Que:-17. Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature? – Humpback whale

Que:-18. Which animal has no vocal cords? – Giraffe

Que:-19. Total number of brains available in a Leech – 32

Que:-20. Name the only mammal with hair on the soles of its feet – Polar bears

World Animals GK Questions Answers in English

Que:-21. How many legs does an insect have? – 6

Que:-22. Which big cat species has the longest canine teeth as compared to body size? – Clouded Leopard

Que:-23. Giant Panda from Chine subsist almost entirely on – Bambo

Que:-24. Bees have _____ pairs of wings? – 2

Que:-25. In which continent the largest overland migration takes place on? – Africa

Que:-26. A baby kangaroo is also known as………. – Joey

Que:-27. Which animal can see both infrared and ultraviolet light? – Goldfish

Que:-28. The liger is a hybrid cross between………. – Male lion and female tiger

Que:-29. Which animal is shown on the logo of WWF (World Wildlife Fund)? – Panda

Que:-30. How many years can a cat live up to? – 20

Que:-31. Which country is the home of largest population of tigers in the wild? – India

Que:-32. The average weight of a blue whale is – 120000 Kg

Que:-33. By which process Pigeons navigates using……… – Sound waves

Que:-34. Why part of the body is used by snake to smell? – Tongue

Q35. Which animal is known as the best rain detector? – Elephant

Que:-36. Which one is the only bird that can see the colour blue? – Owl

Que:-37. How many stomach does a giraffe have? – 4

Que:-38. The age of a giraffe can be calculated from its……..– color of body spots

Que:-39. Who many legs does a spider have? – 8

Que:-40. How many wings does a bee have? – 4

World Animals GK Questions Answers 

Que:-41. Which one is the slowest moving land animal?- Three-toed Sloth

Que:-42. Which one is the slowest animal under water? – Seahorse

Que:-43. Which one has the largest eye of any land animal? – Ostrich

Que:-44. How many stomachs does an Ostrich have? – 3

Que:-45. How many teeth does a bear have? – 42

Que:-46. Which part of the body is used by elephant to control the body temperature? – Ear

Que:-47. How long is a giraffe tongue in feet? – 1.6

Que:-48. Bee Hummingbird is only found in……. – Cuba

Que:-49. Which one from the cat family cannot retract its claws? – Cheetah

Que:-50. Which animal has the highest blood pressure than any other? – Giraffe

Que:-51. An adult male gorilla is also known as……. – Silverback

Que:-52. In which country kiwi bird found? – New Zealand

Que:-53. In which era did dinosaurs exist? – Mesozoic

Que:-54. In which era the first mammals evolved in the earth? – Triassic

Que:-55. Which one from the below can change their gender? – Oysters

Que:-56. Which is the only animal in which the male gives birth their young? – Seahorses

Que:-57. The blood color of octopus is……..– Blue

Que:-58. Which animal has teeth in its stomach? – Lobsters

Que:-59. Which one is the only flying mammal in earth? – Bat

Que:-60. How much weight a Rhinoceros Beetle can carry compared to its body weight? – 850 times

Que:-61. Which one is the smallest in size of all living tiger subspecies? – Sumatran tiger

Que:-62. Which one is the only large island inhabited by tigers? – Sumatra

Que:-63. Insects belongs to the class of ……….. – Arthropoda

Que:-64. Which one is the largest invertebrate in the world? – Colossal Squid

Que:-65. Which one is the heaviest flying bird in the World? – Dalmatian Pelican

Que:-66. Fennec fox or Desert fox is found in……… – Sahara Desert

Que:-67. How many humps in the back of Bactrian camel have? – Two

Que:-68. Koalas are only found in the country……….– Australia

Que:-69. In which continent, piranhas are found? – South America

Que:-70. Rocky Mountain goat found only in……….. – North America

Que:-71. Which one is the largest carnivorous animal in the world? – Southern elephant seal

Que:-72. How many chambers does a cow’s stomach have? – Four

World Animals GK Ques Answers in English

Que:-73. Which one is the largest chamber of stomach a ruminant animal? – Rumen

Que:-74. Which animal has the longest tail? – Giraffe

Q75. How many parts of a Butterfly life cycle have? – 4

Que:-76. Which fish can swim with fastest speed in seas or oceans? – Sailfish

Que:-77. Which animal take breathes through skin? – Frog

Que:-78. The camel’s hump is composed of ________ tissue – Adipose

Que:-79. Which one is world’s tallest flying bird? – Sarus crane

Que:-80. The only snake that builds a nest is……….. – King Cobra

Que:-81. The tusks of an Elephant are modified ________ – Second Incisors

Que:-82. Which one of these animals is jawless? – Myxine

Que:-83. Which one of these sea creatures changes its colour? – Octopus

Que:-84. Which animal do not make any sound? – Giraffe

Que:-85. The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is………. – Ostrich

Que:-86. Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature? – Humpback Whales

Que:-87. Name the bird that migrates from the North Pole to the South Pole and back? – Arctic tern

Que:-88. Name the only animal that dislikes white colour? – Tiger

Que:-89. What animal has the worst memory? – Elephant

Que:-90. What animal has the longest memory? – Dolphin

Que:-91. The fish that can taste with its whole body is the………… – Catfish

Que:-92. How much water can be used by a camel in drinking in a single time? – Up to 100 ltrs

Que:-93. What is the largest seabird? – Albatross

Que:-94. Which bird can turn head around to look backward? – Owl

Que:-95. The fastest moving insect in the world is the………….– Tropical cockroach

Que:-96. The country in which Yak is found……………. – Tibet

Que:-97. What is the maximum running land speed of Crocodile? – 17 Kmpl

Que:-98. How many legs does a butterfly have? – 6

Que:-99. The only fish that makes nest is the………..– Stickle back

Que:-100. What is the fastest of all the birds? – Swift

Que:-101. How many hearts does an octopus have? – 3

Que:-102. An earthworm breathe with the help of………… – Skin

Que:-. The fastest moving land snake in the world is the………… – Black Mamba

World Animals GK Questions Answ in English

Que:-104. What Animals are Warm Blooded? – Birds

Que:-105. The smallest dog on earth is the………… – Chihuahua

Que:-107. What time of year do squirrels build nests? – Summer

Que:-108. What animal has the shortest gestation period? – Opossum

Que:-. What color is a giraffe’s tongue? – Purple

Que:-110. Number of alary muscles in Cockroach……….. – 12 pairs

Que:-111. How long can a beaver hold its breath? – 15 min

Que:-112. Number of chambers in reptile’s heart………. – 3

Que:-113. Cattle quickly swallow grass and store it in their __________. – Rumen

Que:-114. Male mosquitoes take their food from…………. – sap of plants

Que:-115. The blood color of octopus is………… – Blue

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