Full Form of WIPRO : Western India Products

What is the full form of WIPRO ?

No:1. WIPRO stands for Western India Products.
No:2. It is a private limited multinational IT consulting and system integration Service Company headquartered in Bangalore India.
No:3. Initially, it was established as a Sunflower oil and vegetable manufacturer company but at present time it deals in IT consulting, system integration, consumer care, lighting, healthcare, etc.

History of WIPRO

No:1. WIPRO was established on 29 Dec, 1945, by Mohamed Hasham Premji, as a sunflower oil factory in a small town Amalner in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district.
No:2. Mohamed Hasham Premji was the father of Wipro’s current chief Azim Premji.
No:3. After the death of his father, Azim Premji took over the business and drove it to the peak.
No:4. He demerges its non-IT businesses into a separate company named Wipro Enterprises Limited from 31 March 2013, to focus on core IT business.
No:5. Now a day, Wipro is one of the largest IT consulting and System Integration company, more than 1.5 lakh employees provide their services for it.

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Service Area

Wipro has multiple divisions like :
No:1. Wipro Technology Services Limited
No:2. Wipro Infrastructure Engineering
No:3. Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting
No:4. Wipro GE Medical Systems Limited

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