What is the Role of Public Prosecutor in Hindi

what is the role of Public Prosecutor in hindi
what is the role of Public Prosecutor in hindi

What is the Role of Public Prosecutor in Hindi:- Public Prosecutor is a person that has been appointed either by the central Government or the State government to represent cases on behalf of the State in criminal trials.

The main role of the public prosecutor is to serve the ends of justice in the best interests of the public. The work of public prosecutor begins once the police have done its investigation and filed the charge sheet in the court.

The public prosecutor is expected to act impartially and present all the facts of the case, documents, and evidence so as to assist the court in arriving at a correct judgement.

Role of Public Prosecutor

No.-1. Provisions with regards to Public Prosecutor have been provided under section 24 of the Criminal Procedure code, 1973.

No.-2. A public prosecutor represents the state in any criminal case. It is because a crime is considered a crime against the entire society.

No.-3. After the completion of the enquiry by the police, the public prosecutor begins the prosecution on behalf of the state.

No.-4. A public prosecutor has to act impartially while examining facts and witnesses. He/she then has to present his/her arguments based on the evidences before the court.


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