Full Form of USSD : Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

What is the Full form of USSD?

No:1. The full form of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
No:2. USSD also has another name which are Quick Codes or Feature codes.
No:3. It is a networking standard used by GSM or Global System for Mobile mobile phones to contact or text sending purpose from a cell phone to an application hosted by the mobile operator.
No:4. In brief, it is a system which GSM based cellular phones used to communicate with the device of the network operator.
No:5. USSD is a session-based specification which establishes a real-time session among mobile device and the device of a network operator.
No:6. It is identical to SMS only variation is that, unlike SMS, the transaction of USSD happen only during the session between the parties concerned.
No:7. USSD is a bi-directional knowledge exchange that occurs as far as the link stays open.

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Application of USSD

USSD is used in a wide variety of functions including :
No:1. WAP browsing
No:2. Prepaid callback
No:3. Location based content
No:4. Mobile chatting
No:5. Mobile banking and so on.

How to Use USSD?

No:1. For use USSD users required to dial service provider’s number, beginning with * and ending with #, from user’s cell phone & registered mobile number for essential mobile banking services such as mini statement, checking balance and so on.
No:2. USSD codes are linked to the registry of a bank and will also have access to the account.

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