Full Form of UNO : United Nations Organization.

What is the full form of UNO?

No:1. The full form of UNO is United Nations Organization.
No:2. After seeing the results of the Second World War, it is an international body that was founded in 1945.
No:3. After the battle, 51nations came together with a common aim of preserving international peace and security and decided to sign a treaty called the United Nations, which was a charter to create a new agency.
No:4. It’s main goal was to establish friendly relations between nations and contribute to the community, living standards, & human rights.

The main concern of UNO

No:1. The member states are currently working with each other to tackle climate change.
No:2. Besides, its international nature and the powers granted by its Charter can bring charges against issues that threaten or hinder peace, growth, and social development.
No:3. UNO’s key concern lies in the following sectors :
1). Stability and peace internationally
2). Humanitarian help to those who are in need
3). Regulation of international law, protection of human rights and promotion of democracy

Structure of UNO

a). The most representative organ of the UNO is the General Assembly. Both member states of the UN are included in the General Assembly, which allows it the only UN entity with universal membership.
b). Six significant entities of the United Nations Organization are
No:1. The Economic & Social Council
No:2. The Security Council
No:3. The International Court of Justice
No:4. The Trusteeship Council
No:5. The Secretariat
No:6. The General Assembly

Main Committees of the UN General Assembly include:

a). 1st  Committee: It deals with Disarmament & International Security.
b). 2nd  Committee: It deals with Economic & Financial matters.
c). 3rd  Committee: It deals with Social, Humanitarian & Cultural matters.
d). 4th  Committee: It deals with Special Political & Decolonization.
e). 5th  Committee: It deals with Administrative & Budgetary matters.
f). 6th  Committee: It deals with Legal Matters.

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