Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions
Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions:- Here are the selective and important Trivia Questions and Answers for all types of competitive exams. Kid Trivia Questions and Answers Funny have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again for competitive exams.

So practice with Funny Trivia Questions for upcoming competitive exams. You should also check Fun Trivia Questions.

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Trivia Questions

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Que.-1. Granite may metamorphose into

Ans. Gneiss.

Que.-2. Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?

Ans. Quartz glass.

Que.-3. What is the chemical symbol of gold?

Ans. Au.

Que.-4. What do you call a grouping of crocodiles?

Ans. A float of crocodiles.

Que.-5. Due to bite of mad dog the disease hydrophobia is caused by which virus?

Ans. Rabies virus.

Que.-6. What is Dick Grayson better known as?

Ans. Robin (Batman and Robin).

Que.-7. Where is The Trossachs?

Ans. Scotland.

Que.-8. Which rocks is transformed into marble?

Ans. Limestone.

Que.-9. What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?

Ans. Mercury.

Que.-10. By which number the quality of gasoline’ sample is determined?

Ans. By its octane number.

Que.-11. Who said “I therefore want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn if it can be had”?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi.

Que.-12. The Atoms are most stable when their outer shells are full. True or False?

Ans. True.

Que.-13. Who was the youngest Nobel Prize winner?

Ans. Sir William Lawrence Bragg.

Que.-14. A temperature at which both the Fahrenheit and the centigrade scales have the same value?

Ans. -40°

Que.-15. What was Skippy ( on TV )?

Ans. The bush kangaroo.

Que.-16. What goes after ‘People’s’, ‘Atlantic’ and ‘Citizen’s’ for three documents drawn up in 1837, 1941 and 1991 respectively?

Ans. Charter.

Que.-17. Where is the Sargasso sea located?

Ans. North Atlantic Ocean.

Que.-18. In which town was Jesus born?

Ans. Bethlehem.

Que.-19. Holguin, Camaguey, and Matanzas are provinces of which country?

Ans. Cuba.

Que.-20. What was given on the fourth day of Christmas?

Ans. Calling birds.

Trivia Questions and Answers

Que.-21. Which former Reuters’ employee went on to create one of the world’s most famous secret agents?

Ans. Ian Fleming.

Que.-22. With which country is “Orange’ Revolution” associated?

Ans. Ukraine.

Que.-23. What does a funambulist do?

Ans. Tightrope walker.

Que.-24. What is the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Ans. 93 million miles.

Que.-25. Which country has the briefest Constitution in the world?

Ans. USA.

Que.-26. What does Hydrometer measure?

Ans. Specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids.

Que.-27. In which European country is it illegal to slam a car door?

Ans. Switzerland.

Que.-28. Which is the country with the highest density of population in Europe?

Ans. Netherlands.

Que.-29. What is the name of Dennis the Menace’s dog?

Ans. Gnasher.

Que.-30. Faraday is the charge on one mole of _____

Ans. Electrons.

Que.-31. Which country is home to the highest percentage of ethnic Russians?

Ans. Kazakhstan.

Que.-32. What is the mean of Invisible Export?

Ans. Export Services.

Que.-33. What are bactrians and dromedaries?

Ans. Camels (one hump or two).

Que.-34. Who was the only president to serve as the director of the CIA?

Ans. George Herbert Walker Bush.

Que.-35. What percentage of water is lost during transpiration?

Ans. 99%.

Que.-36. Filtration separates mixtures based upon their particle size. True or False?

Ans. True.

Que.-37. In 14 A.D., Augustus Caesar died. Who succeeded him?

Ans. Tiberius.

Que.-38. Which foreign country is closest to Andarnan Islands?

Ans. Myanmar.

Que.-39. Who played The Fugitive?

Ans. David Jason.

Que.-40. Thermal decomposition of alkanes is known as which name?

Ans. Cracking.

Kid Trivia Questions and Answers Funny

Que.-41. Where did Olympic Games originate?

Ans. Greece.

Que.-42. What do you call a grouping of crows?

Ans. A murder of crows.

Que.-43. The unidirectional property of a pn-junction is useful for its use as which thing?

Ans. Rectifier.

Que.-44. Who sailed in the Nina – Pinta and Santa Maria?

Ans. Christopher Columbus.

Que.-45. The island of Vis is just off the coast of which country?

Ans. Croatia.

Que.-46. How much of earth surface is covered by the forests?

Ans. 30 percent.

Que.-47. Atomic bombs work by atomic fission. True or False?

Ans. True.

Que.-48. Who was the first person to cross the Alps with army?

Ans. Hannibal.

Que.-49. What sport is played at Wimbledon?

Ans. Tennis.

Que.-50. What are female elephants called?

Ans. Cows.

Que.-51. Which energy of the electron at absolute zero is called?

Ans. Fermi energy.

Que.-52. Which leader died in St Helena?

Ans. Napoleon Bonaparte.

Que.-53. Who was the long-range World War I German cannon Big Bertha named for?

Ans. Bertha Krupp.

Que.-54. What is the characteristic odour of garlic?

Ans. A sulphur compound.

Que.-55. What is the name of an adult female horse?

Ans. Mare.

Que.-56. Who was known as the “Sultan of Swat”?

Ans. “Babe” Ruth.

Que.-57. What can be the maximum duration of totality for a solar eclipse?

Ans. 7 minutes 40 seconds.

Que.-58. Who wrote Gone with the Wind?

Ans. Margaret Mitchell.

Que.-59. What Nobel Prize laureate in Physics linked the tragic 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger to frozen O-rings?

Ans. Richard P. Feynman.

Que.-60. Which is the vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our bodies?

Ans. Vitamin D.

Funny Trivia Questions

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