Trivia of the Day Questions - SSC NOTES PDF
Trivia of the Day Questions

Trivia of the Day Questions

Trivia of the Day Questions:-Looking to boost your trivia knowledge? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our definitive list of trivia questions will stump you! Each of our trivia questions has been fact-checked by professionals. And contain the questions and answers you need to have a fun trivia night. They’ll test your general knowledge of the world. We guarantee the most fun trivia questions on the web!

Trivia of the Day Questions

No.-1.  Granite may metamorphose into

Answer: Gneiss.

No.-2. Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?

Answer: Quartz glass.

No.-3. What is the chemical symbol of gold?

Answer: Au.

No.-4. What do you call a grouping of crocodiles?

Answer: A float of crocodiles.

No.-5. Due to bite of mad dog the disease hydrophobia is caused by which virus?

Answer: Rabies virus.

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No.-6. What is Dick Grayson better known as?

Answer: Robin (Batman and Robin).

No.-7.  Where is The Trossachs?

Answer: Scotland.

No.-8.  Which rocks is transformed into marble?

Answer: Limestone.

No.-9. What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?

Answer: Mercury.

No.-10. Which period of music, dating approximately from 1800 – 1910, is exemplified by composers such as Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Brahms and Wagner, and saw symphonic boundaries extended and even obliterated?

Answer: The Romantic Period.

No.-11.  By which number the quality of gasoline’ sample is determined?

Answer: By its octane number.

No.-12. What was given on the fourth day of Christmas?

Answer: Calling birds.

No.-13. Which former Reuters’ employee went on to create one of the world’s most famous secret agents?

Answer: Ian Fleming.

No.-14. Who said “I therefore want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn if it can be had”?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi.

No.-15. The Atoms are most stable when their outer shells are full. True or False?

Answer: True.

No.-16. Who was the youngest Nobel Prize winner?

Answer: Sir William Lawrence Bragg.

No.-17. A temperature at which both the Fahrenheit and the centigrade scales have the same value?

Answer: -40°

No.-18.  What was Skippy ( on TV )?

Answer: The bush kangaroo.

Trivia Questions

No.-19. What goes after ‘People’s’, ‘Atlantic’ and ‘Citizen’s’ for three documents drawn up in 1837, 1941 and 1991 respectively?

Answer: Charter.

No.-20.  Where is the Sargasso sea located?

Answer: North Atlantic Ocean.

No.-21. In which town was Jesus born?

Answer: Bethlehem.

No.-22. Holguin, Camaguey, and Matanzas are provinces of which country?

Answer: Cuba.

No.-23. With which country is “Orange’ Revolution” associated?

Answer: Ukraine.

No.-24. What does a funambulist do?

Answer: Tightrope walker.

No.-25.  What is the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Answer: 93 million miles.

No.-26. Which country has the briefest Constitution in the world?

Answer: USA.

No.-27. What does Hydrometer measure?

Answer: Specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids.

No.-28. In which European country is it illegal to slam a car door?

Answer: Switzerland.

No.-29. Which is the country with the highest density of population in Europe?

Answer: Netherlands.

No.-30. What is the name of Dennis the Menace’s dog?

Answer: Gnasher.

No.-31.  Faraday is the charge on one mole of _____

Answer: Electrons.

No.-32. Who was the first person to cross the Alps with army?

Answer: Hannibal.

No.-33. What sport is played at Wimbledon?

Answer: Tennis.

No.-34.   Which country is home to the highest percentage of ethnic Russians?

Answer: Kazakhstan.

No.-35. What is the mean of Invisible Export?

Answer: Export Services.

No.-36. What are bactrians and dromedaries?

Answer: Camels (one hump or two).

No.-37. Who was the only president to serve as the director of the CIA?

Answer: George Herbert Walker Bush.

No.-38. What percentage of water is lost during transpiration?

Answer: 99%.

No.-39. Filtration separates mixtures based upon their particle size. True or False?

Answer: True.

No.-40.  In 14 A.D., Augustus Caesar died. Who succeeded him?

Answer: Tiberius.

Trivia Questions in English

No.-41. Which foreign country is closest to Andarnan Islands?

Answer: Myanmar.

No.-42. Who played The Fugitive?

Answer: David Jason.

No.-43. Thermal decomposition of alkanes is known as which name?

Answer: Cracking.

No.-44. Where did Olympic Games originate?

Answer: Greece.

No.-45. What do you call a grouping of crows?

Answer: A murder of crows.

No.-46. The unidirectional property of a pn-junction is useful for its use as which thing?

Answer: Rectifier.

No.-47. Who sailed in the Nina – Pinta and Santa Maria?

Answer: Christopher Columbus.

No.-48. The island of Vis is just off the coast of which country?

Answer: Croatia.

No.-49. How much of earth surface is covered by the forests?

Answer: 30 percent.

No.-50. Atomic bombs work by atomic fission. True or False?

Answer: True.

No.-51. Which period of music made use of musical textures, colors and imagery to evoke phenomenons of nature, and though lasting only fifty years (from about 1875 – 1925) still has great influence today?

Answer: The Impressionist Period.

No.-52. What are female elephants called?

Answer: Cows.

No.-53. Which energy of the electron at absolute zero is called?

Answer: Fermi energy.

No.-54. Which leader died in St Helena?

Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte.

No.-55. Who was the long-range World War I German cannon Big Bertha named for?

Answer: Bertha Krupp.

No.-56. What is the characteristic odour of garlic?

Answer: A sulphur compound.

No.-57. What is the name of an adult female horse?

Answer: Mare.

No.-58.Who was known as the “Sultan of Swat”?

Answer: “Babe” Ruth.

No.-59. What can be the maximum duration of totality for a solar eclipse?

Answer: 7 minutes 40 seconds.

No.-60. Who wrote Gone with the Wind?

Answer: Margaret Mitchell.

Trivia Quiz Question

No.-61. What Nobel Prize laureate in Physics linked the tragic 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger to frozen O-rings?

Answer: Richard P. Feynman.

No.-62. Which is the vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our bodies?

Answer: Vitamin D.

No.-63. What does Anemometer measure?

Answer: Speed of wind.

No.-64. What is the unit used for measuring the fineness of yarn, especially in stockings and tights?

Answer: Denier.

No.-65. The celebrated novel ‘The Godfather’ was authored by which author?

Answer: Mario Puzo.

No.-66. What does ring a ring a roses refer to?

Answer: The Black Death.

No.-67. Which Polish city lies on the coast?

Answer: Gdansk.

No.-68. What is the total surface area of earth?

Answer: 510 million sq km

No.-69. How many bases are there on a baseball field?

Answer: 4.

No.-70. When the solar wind collides with the earth’s magnetic field, we observe this:

Answer: Aurora Borealis.

No.-71. What is an essential attribute of inflation?

Answer: Increase in prices.

No.-72. Whose nose grew when he told a lie?

Answer: Pinocchio.

No.-73. What is the length of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun?

Answer: 584 million miles.

No.-74. In human body, which are the leg bones?

Answer: Humerus and Femur

No.-75. What is the most recognizable physical feature of the male lion?

Answer: Its mane.

No.-76. In which European country is Martin the most common surname?

Answer: France.

No.-77. Which book is entitled as ‘Bible of Communism’ ?

Answer: Das Kapital.

No.-78. Who has won the most Oscars?

Answer: Walt Disney.

No.-79. Electrons move into a higher-energy orbital when it is in the …

Answer: Excited state.

No.-80. Which is the essential element in all organic compounds?

Answer: Carbon.

Trivia Question with Answer

No.-81. What was the popular name of Edson Arantes do Nascimento?

Answer: Pele.

No.-82. Duluth, Minnesota is adjacent to which Great Lake?

Answer: Superior.

No.-83. What are the ‘Temperate lows’?

Answer: Sub-polar low pressure belts.

No.-84. What would a Scotsman do with a spurtle?

Answer: Eat porridge (it’s a spoon).

No.-85.Which Boer statesman became president of the Transvaal in 1883?

Answer: Paul Kruger.

No.-86. In metabolism, how enzymes act?

Answer: As catalyst.

No.-87. Identify the sport: Two teams of 6 players each try to ground a ball into the opposing zone, over a net, by hitting it with their hands?

Answer: Volley Ball.

No.-88. Who was the only president to serve in the House of Representatives after his presidency?

Answer: John Quincy Adams.

No.-89. If it is 4 P.M. on Monday at 150°W, what will be the time at 150°E ?

Answer: 12 Noon on Tuesday.

No.-90. Which award has the words for valour on it?

Answer: Victoria Cross.

No.-91. What did the Chinese refine the making of in 105 A.D.? (used for writing)

Answer: Paper.

No.-92. By which plants is the maximum fixation of solar energy done?

Answer: Green plants.

No.-93. Carl and the Passions changed band name to what

Answer: Beach Boys.

No.-94. In what year was the United States Secret Service founded?

Answer: 1865.

No.-95. You should be most concerned about a dog attacking when it is:

Answer: Silently aggressive.

No.-97.  Who did colonial poet Barron Field refer to as “our Columbus of the South”?

Answer: Captain James Cook.

No.-98. Which is not a fruit?

Answer: Rhubarb.

No.-99. In architectural speak, what is the front of a building called?

Answer: Facade

No.-100. What Glenn Miller song was originally called Now I Lay Me Down to Weep?

Answer: Moon Indigo.

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Important MCQ’sीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस की स्थापना कहाँ हुई?

(a) पूना

(b) नासिक

(c) अहमदाबाद

(d) मुम्बई

Ans   (d) मुम्बई

Que.-2.’केनान’ शब्द किस खेल से संबंधित है?

(a) स्नूकर

(b) गोल्फ

(c) हॉकी

(d) टेनिस

Ans   (a) स्नूकर

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