Full Form of TIN : Taxpayer Identification Number

What is the Full form of TIN?

No:1. The full form of TIN is Taxpayer Identification Number.
No:2. It is use to distinguish VAT-registered dealers and it contains eleven digits and is specific across the nation.
No:3. The state code is represent by the first two digits and the next nine digits which differ for each state.

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Some important points about TIN

No:1. A single repository of all tax-related data that can be gather at any moment and anywhere in the nation is an essential aim of any government.
No:2. Such a registry would help to build a system for monitoring taxpayers and their revenue sources, eventually working to develop accountability and transparency.
No:3. For producers, retailers, exporters and essentially any start-up or smaller medium business looking to sell a product or service, TIN registration required.
No:4. Under various situations, TIN is also recognized as the CST number, VAT number, & Sales Tax Number.
No:5. It’s provided by the state government’s commercial tax department.
No:6. For all communications and VAT transactions, firms or distributors need to specify TIN.
No:7. It is a must to sell goods within the state or to other states for companies such as producers, retailers, exporters & shopkeepers.

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