Time and Work Formula

Time and Work Formula

Time and Work Formula :- आजकल जो परिक्षाये आयोजित हुई है उनमे कम से कम एक प्रश्न सीधे सीधे Time and Work Formula PDF, Time and Work Formula पर पूछा जा रहा है इसलिए यह महत्वपूर्ण हो जाता है की आप Time and Work Formula PDF in Hindi, Time and Work Formula For SSC CGL के पुरे टोपिक को अच्छे से कवर कर ले ताकि कोई भी घुमा फिरा के प्रश्न पूछा जाये तो आप आसानी से उसका जवाब देने में सक्षम हो. अब हम Time and Work Formula and Tricks सम्बन्धित सम्पूर्ण जानकारी को निचे दिए गये बिन्दुओ के माध्यम से पढ़ते है.

Time and work aptitude questions are asked in every competitive exam. Placement papers for TCS, Infosys, Wipro, CTS, HCL, IBM or Bank exam or MBA exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, or other exams like GRE, GMAT tests always contain one or more aptitude questions from this section of quantitative aptitude. Problems on time and work which appear in CAT exams are quite advanced and complicated – But they can be solved easily if you know the basic formulas, shortcuts and tricks.

Time and Work Formulas SSC Notes PDF

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This section will provide shortcuts, tips and tricks to solve quantitative aptitude questions on time and work. These are similar to time and distance shortcuts or ratio and proportion shortcuts. So, all you have to do is be thorough with the basics and practice as many questions as you can.

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Solve easily tricks in hindi time and work alternate days problems and time and work online test.

Work:- Amount of job assigned or the amount of job actually done.


Relations between work, time and person

No.-1. Work & Person: Directly proportional i.e. more work, more person required.

No.-2. Time & Person: Inversely proportional i.e. more people, less time required.

No.-3. Work & time: Directly proportional i.e. more work, more time required.


Note: Work done is always considered to be equal to 1.


Rules: –

No.-1. If a person can do a piece of work in ‘n’ days/ hours then that person’s one day’s/ hour’s work = 1/n

No.-2. If a person’s one day’s/ hour’s work = 1/n , then he will complete then he will complete the work in ‘n’ days/ hours.

No.-3. If first person is ‘n’ times efficient than second person then work done by first person : second person = n : 1

No.-4. If the ratio of number of men required to complete a work is m : n then the ratio of time taken by them will be n : m.

Time and Work Formula

Formulas and Quick Tricks for Time and Work

No.-1. If 1/n of a work is done by A in one day, then A will take n days to complete the full work.

No.-2. If A can do a piece do a piece of work in X days and B can do the same work in Y days, then both of them working together will do the same work in XY/(X+Y) days

No.-3. If A, B and C, while working alone, can complete a work in X, Y and Z days respectively, then they will together complete the work in XYZ/(XY+YZ+ZX) days

No.-4. If A does 1/nth of a work in m hours, then to complete the full work A will take nxm hours

No.-5. If A and B can together finish a piece of work in X days, B and C in Y days and C and A in Z days, then

  1. a) A, B and C working together will finish the job in (2XYZ/XY+YZ+ZX) days.
  2. b) A alone will finish the job in (2XYZ/XY+YZ – ZX) days.
  3. c) B alone will finish the job in (2XYZ/ZX+XY – YZ) days.
  4. d) C alone will finish the job in (2XYZ/ZX+YZ – XY) days.

No.-6. If A can finish a work in X days and B is k times efficient than A, then the time taken by both A and B working together to complete the work is X/(1+k).

No.-7. If A and B working together can finish a work in X days and B is k times efficient than A, then the time taken by A working alone to complete the work is (k+1)X and B working alone to complete the work is (k+1/k)X

Time and Work Formula in Hindi

No.-1. If (x2/yz) + (y2/zx) + (z2/xy) = 3, then what is the value of (x + y + z)3?


1) 0

2) 1

3) 2

4) 3

Correct Answer: 0


No.-2. If x1/4 + x-1/4 = 2, then what is the value of x81 + (1/x81)?


1) – 2

2) 0

3) 1

4) 2

Correct Answer: 2


No.-3. If a(a + b + c) = 45, b(a + b + c) = 75 and c(a + b + c) = 105, then what is the value of (a2 + b2 + c2)?


1) 75

2) 83

3) 217

4) 225

Correct Answer: 83


No.-4. If x2 + (1/x2) = 1, then what is the value of x48 + x42 + x36 + x30 + x24 + x18 + x12 + x6 + 1?


1) – 9

2) 0

3) 1

4) 9

Correct Answer: 1


No.-5. What is the simplified value of sin2 (90 – θ) – [{sin(90 – θ)sin θ}/tan θ]?


1) 1

2) cosec θ

3) 0

4) cos θ

Correct Answer: 0

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