SSC MTS English Syllabus 2022

SSC MTS English Syllabus 2022

SSC MTS Syllabus 2022: As you know, SSC MTS 2022 Paper-1 exam is scheduled to be held in July 2022, therefore the candidates interested for this recruitment drive must begin with their preparation for the upcoming exam. In this article, we are covering SSC MTS Syllabus and Exam Pattern for the year 2022 Exam in detail.

No.-1. The SSC MTS Syllabus consists of 4 sections including Reasoning Ability, Numerical Aptitude, English Language and General Awareness.

No.-2.  This article includes SSC MTS Syllabus sections along with the no. of questions expected from each topic, the weightage of these questions and how to approach them which has been explained in detail in this page.

No.-3. As the exam is near, it is necessary to know the syllabus of the exam for effective preparation.

SSC MTS Syllabus 2022

No.-1. To get a fair idea about SSC MTS 2022 Syllabus, it is necessary to know the exam pattern for the same.

No.-2. Let’s have a look at the SSC MTS 2022 Exam Pattern and detailed SSC MTS Syllabus 2022 in the below section. If you are preparing for SSC MTS Exam, then go through the complete article and prepare accordingly.


S. No. Topics No. Of Questions
No.-1 Number & Alphabetical Series 25 Questions
No.-2 Coding-Decoding
No.-3 Analogy
No.-4 Odd one Out
No.-5 Syllogism
No.-6 Directions Sense
No.-7 Ranking
No.-8 Non-verbal: Paper Folding & Cutting, Mirror Image, Embedded or Complete the Image, Counting Figure
No.-9 Blood relations
No.-10 Matrix
No.-11 Mathematical Calculations
No.-12 Words ordered according to the dictionary

SSC MTS English Language Syllabus

SSC MTS Syllabus 2022 for English: Candidates’ understanding of the Basics of English Language, its vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, synonyms, antonyms, and its correct usage, etc. his/her writing ability would be tested.

S.No. Topics Number of Questions
No.-1 Spot the error 25 Questions
No.-2 Fill in the blanks
No.-3 Synonyms
No.-4 Antonyms
No.-5 Spelling/detecting misspelled words
No.-6 Idioms & Phrases,
No.-7 One word substitution
No.-8 Improvement of sentences
No.-9 Comprehension Passage

Numerical Aptitude Syllabus for SSC MTS 2022

No.-1. SSC MTS Syllabus 2022 for Quant: Check the topic wise syllabus for the SSC MTS exam in the below-given table:

S.No. Topic No. of Questions
No.-1 Number System/HCF/LCM 25 Questions
No.-2 Percentage, Average
No.-3 Time & Work
No.-4 Profit & Loss
No.-5 Ratio, Mixture & Allegation
No.-6 Time Speed Distance
No.-7 CI & SI
No.-8 Geometry
No.-9 Mensuration
No.-10 Trigonometry
No.-11 DI
No.-12 Algebra

SSC MTS General Awareness Syllabus

No.-1. Questions will be designed to test the ability of the candidate’s general awareness of the environment around him and its application to society.

No.-2. Questions will also be designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person.

No.-3. The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighboring countries especially pertaining to Sports, History, Culture, Geography,

No.-4. Economic scene, General Polity including Indian Constitution, Scientific Research, etc. These questions will be such that they do not require a special study of any discipline.

SSC MTS Questions

No.-1. GST के अंतर्गत कुल कितने अप्रत्यक्ष कर को शामिल किया गया है?

(A) 15

(B) 16

(C) 23

(D) 171

Ans : (D) 171

No.-2. GST संख्या में कुल कितने डिजिट होते है?

(A) 13

(B) 15

(C) 18

(D) 11

Ans : (B) 15

No.-3. राज्य वित्त आयोग का गठन कौन करता है?

(A) राष्ट्रपति

(B) राज्यपाल

(C) मंत्री परिषद

(D) वित्त मंत्री

Ans : (B) राज्यपाल

No.-4. GST परिषद् के अध्यक्ष कौन होता है?

(A) वित्त मंत्री

(B) प्रधानमंत्री

(C) रेल मंत्री

(D) विदेश मंत्री

Ans : (A) वित्त मंत्री

No.-5. GST परिषद् की स्थापना कब की गई?

(A) 12 दिसम्बर, 2015

(B) 12 सितम्बर, 2016

(C) 12 अक्टूबर, 2014

(D) 16 मार्च, 2019

Ans : (B) 12 सितम्बर, 2016

No.-6. संविधान के किस अनुच्छेद के तहत GST परिषद् का गठन किया गया है?

(A) अनु. 280

(B) अनु. 279A

(C) अनु. 278A

(D) अनु 274 B

Ans : (B) अनु. 279A

SSC MTS Questions 2022

No.-7. GST परिषद् का मुख्यालय कहाँ स्थित है ?

(A) कोलकाता

(B) मुम्बई

(C) दिल्ली

(D) चेन्नई

Ans : (C) दिल्ली

No.-8. वित्त आयोग का गठन किया जाता है?

(A) 3 वर्ष के लिए

(B) 6 वर्ष के लिए

(C) 5 वर्ष के लिए

(D) 8 वर्ष लिए

Ans : (C) 5 वर्ष के लिए

No.-9. विश्व स्तर पर GST लागू करने में भारत का क्रम क्या है?

(A) 158वां

(B) 140वां

(C) 145वा

(D) 161वां

Ans : (D) 161वां

No.-10. GST परिषद् में सदस्यों की कुल संख्या है?

(A) 33


(C) 14

(D) 18

Ans : (A) 33

No.-11. भारत का GST किस देश के मॉडल पर आधारित है?

(A) अमेरिका

(B) कनाडा

(C) फ्रांस

(D) ऑस्ट्रेलिया

Ans : (B) कनाडा

No.-12. सर्वप्रथम जीएस टी बिल का प्रारूप तैयार करने वाली समिति के अध्यक्ष कौन थे?

(A) अशोक खन्ना

(B) असीम दास गुप्ता

(C) सुजीत खंडेलवाल

(D) अजीत मुखजी

Ans : (B) असीम दास गुप्ता

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