SSC CHSL 2021 Tier 1 April 12 1st Shift General Awareness Question Answer

SSC CHSL 2021 Tier 1 April 12 1st Shift General Awareness Question Answer:- In this post we share memory base SSC CHSL General Awareness Question Answer.

SSC CHSL 12 April 1st Shift General Awareness Question Answer

Que.-1. Which soil is useful for Cashew nuts?

Ans: (Sandy loam)

Que.-2. World’s largest floating solar park is situated in?

Ans: Omkareshwar Dam on Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh

Que.-3. World Tuberculosis day is celebrated on?

Ans: 24 March

Que.-4. Which batsman played maximum test matches?

Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

Que.-5. Recently which bank launched contactless Rupay payment cards with NPCI?

Ans: Central bank of India

Que.-6.‘Pathway to god’ writer?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

Que.-7. According to census 2011 highest literacy rate district?

Ans: Serchhip district , Mizoram – 97.91%

Que.-8. Which of the following is nearby the Saryu river?

Ans: Ayodhya

Que.-9. Birdie, eagle and albatross is related to which sports?

Ans- Golf

Que.-10. Which soil has less water holding capacity?

Ans. Sandy soil

Que.-11. Who is the current rural development minister of India?

Ans – Narender Singh Tomar

Que.-12. What is the chemical formula of Blue Vitriol?

Ans- CuSO4 , Copper(II) sulfate, also known as copper sulphate

Que.-13. Who is the recently appointed deputy Election commissioner of India?

Ans: Mr. Umesh Sinha (other two – Sudeep Jain and Chandra Bhushan Kumar)

Que.-14. Which city is situated on the banks of river yamuna?

Ans: Delhi

SSC CHSL 12 April 1st Shift GK Question Answer

Que.-15. Who is the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court?

Ans: Justice Hima Kohli

Que.-16. Champaran Satyagrah occurred in which year?

Ans: 19 April 1917, Champaran District of Bihar

Que.-17. What is the Scientific name of Vitamin C?

Ans: Ascorbic Acid

Que.-18. Gandhi Sagar Dam is situated in ________?

Ans: On Chambal river, Neemach district (M.P)

Que.-19. What is the Scientific name of Potato?

Ans: Solanum tuberosum

Que.-20. Who is known as Napoleon of India?

Ans-  Samudragupta

Que.-21. Who proposed Cell theory?

Ans: Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann proposed the cell theory.

Que.-22. India’s position in the Global Hunger Index 2020?

Ans: 94th position among 107 countries

Que.-23. When did Swami vivekanand started Ramakrishna mission

Ans- 1897

Que.-24. Landlocked countries in South America?

Ans: Two countries that are landlocked: Bolivia and Paraguay.

Que.-25. Article 72 is related to?

Ans: Pardoning Powers of President

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