Full Form of SPSS : Statistical Package For The Social Sciences

What is the Full form of SPSS?

No:1. The full form of SPSS is the Statistical Package For The Social Sciences.
No:2. SPSS is use for complex statistical data analysis by various varieties of researchers.
No:3. The SPSS software package was develop for social science data processing and statistical analysis.
No:4. SPSS Inc. initially introduced SPSS in 1968, and later purchased in 2009 by IBM.
No:5. SPSS is essentially a package of tools use to evaluate results.
No:6. This software is used in many sectors, including health sciences, market analysts, data miners, marketing organizations, analysts in government & education.

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History of SPSS

No:1. It was first published as SPSS in 1968. Version 10 (SPSS – X) came in 1983, and wherein data sets could involve multiple forms of records.
No:2. The 16.0 and later versions could run under Linux, Mac and Windows. SPSS revealed on July 28, 2009, IBM is acquiring it.
No:3. Due to the name’s ownership conflict, the company was rename as PASW (Predictive Analytics Software).
No:4. It had become SPSS, an IBM subsidiary, in January 2010. On October 1, 2010, IBM was given full ownership.

Primary functions of SPSS

No:1. The Statistics program of SPSS offers a variety of basic statistical features, which include frequencies, cross-tabulations and statistics on bivariates.
No:2. The SPSS Modeler program allows researchers to construct and evaluate statistical models utilizing sophisticated statistical methods.
No:3. The SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys program assists surveys administrators discover critical insight from responses to open-ended questionnaires.

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