Full Form of SHO : Station House Officer

What is the full form of SHO?

No:1. The full form of SHO is a Station House Officer.

No:2. SHO is the head or individual in charge of the locality police station.

No:3. He supervises the police station ‘s activities and is responsible for maintaining law and order in his region.

No:4. He is ranked above the SI (Sub Inspector) but below the DSP (Deputy Police Superintendent).

No:5. His emblem for the division is three stars on his shoulder strap and a striped ribbon of blue and red.

No:6. A group of Constables, Head Constables and SI work under him.

Duties of SHO

No:1. The law allows a Station House Officer to perform criminal investigations in India and attend court on behalf of the police station.

No:2. Becoming a part of the Indian Police is regarded as one of India’s most respected statuses.

No:3. He oversees the activities of the police station and is responsible for the preservation of law and order in his area.

No:4. SI Exams are administered by the central or state government to allocate vacant Sub Inspector posts.

No:5. Each year thousands of candidates make a fantasy of becoming a Sub-Police Inspector.


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