Full Form of SDM : Sub Divisional Magistrate

What is the full form of SDM?

No:1. The full form of SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate.

No:2. Subdivisions are formed by dividing districts.

No:3. The subdivision is controlled by the SDM, an administrative officer often below the district level, which is based on a country’s government structure.

No:4. An SDM takes advantage of the powers of collector and Executive Magistrate.

No:5. An SDM may be a senior officer of State Civil Services with relevant work experience in subordinate roles or a junior member of Indian Administrative Service.

No:6. SDM conducts various magisterial duties under the 1973 criminal procedure code and many other minor actions.

No:7. It is usually a PCS Ranking Officer.

No:8. SDM is authorized by Collector magistrate, tax inspector and all tehsils or subdivisions will be under the control of the Subdivisional Magistrate.

No:9. SDM has complete control over his subdivision’s Tahsildars and represents a link of connection among both his subdivision’s District Officer and Tahsildars.

Responsibilities of SDM

No:1. Vehicle registration

No:2. Function of revenue

No:3. Election based work

No:4. Marriage registration

No:5. Renewal and issue of driving license

No:6. Renewal and issue of arm license

No:7. Issues of certificate like OBC, SC/ST and Domicile.


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