Science Tricks in Hindi

Science Tricks in Hindi

Science Tricks in Hindi:- If practiced well, ‘Biology Tricks’ or ‘Physics Tricks’ or ‘Chemistry Tricks’ is considered to be one of the scoring sections of various Competitive Exams. We share Science Tricks in Hindi for Your Practice or Practice.
We are daily update the short trick for all subject wise Math , science, reasoning , history, Gk and more subject. These all short trick is help full for all competitive exams ssc cgl clerk cpo ,ssc cgl , chsl, railway, IAS RAS 1st 2nd 3rd grade teacher and other exam .Today we are write the short trick for Science with details and with all impotent question. We share { PDF } All General Science Tricks in Hindi and English.
We share GK Tricks in Hindi, GK Trick History in Hindi, GK Tricks in English for Your Practice or Practice.

General Science Tricks in Hindi

Science Tricks in Hindi PDF, Crazy GK Trick Science, Crazy GK Trick Physics is considered to be one of the scoring sections of various Competitive Exams.
Vitamins : विटामिन ABCDEK के रासायनिक नाम
Short Trick – रथ एक टाफी
No.-1. Vitamins  विटामिन A – र –रेटिनालविटामिन ( Retinal vitamins )
No.-2. Vitamins  विटामिन B – थ –थायमीन विटामिन ( thiamine vitamins  )
No.-3. Vitamins  विटामिन C– ए –एस्कार्बिक अम्ल विटामिन (ascorbic acid vitamin )
No.-4. Vitamins  विटामिन D – क –कैल्सीफ़ेरोल विटामिन (calciferol vitamin )
No.-5. Vitamins  विटामिन E – टा –टोकोफ़ेराल विटामिन (vitamin tocopherol)
No.-6. Vitamins  विटामिन K – फी –फ़िलिक्वोनोन ( Filikwonon vitamin)

Lists of diseases कुछ अानुवांशिक रोग

We share Chemistry Trick Questions in Hindi, GK Trick Geography for all competitive Exams in Hindi.
Short Trick of diseases : “वही क्लीप वही डॉट”
No.-1. व—–वर्णांधता (Color blindness ) mostly problems are genetic
No.-2. ही—–हीमोफीलिआ (hemophilia) mostly caused by a genetic mutation
No.-3. क्ली—क्लीनेफ़ेल्टर (klinefelter )
No.-4. प—–पटाउ सिंड्रोम (patau syndrome )
No.-5. वही—(साइलेंट) Silent
No.-6. डा—–डाउन्स सिंड्रो म (Downs in Sindro )
No.-7. ट——टर्नर सिंड्रोम. (Turner syndrome)

Vitamin विटामिन ABCDEK की कमी से  होने वाले रोग Diseases

Short Trick -{रवे सारे वर}
No.-1. Vitamin A :  र :  रतोंधी (Ratondhi  , Night Blindness Treatment  )
No.-2. Vitamin B – वे – वेरी वेरी (Beriberi ,  is a disease caused by a vitamin B1)
No.-3. Vitamin  C – सा – स्कर्वी (Scurvy , is a disease caused by a diet that lacks vitamin C)
No.-4. Vitamin  D – रे – रिकेट्स (rickets , is a lack of vitamin D.)
No.-5. Vitamin  E – व – वाझपन (Leptospirosis , is caused by bacteria from the genus Leptospira )
No.-6. Vitamin  K – र – रक्त का थक्का  न बनना। (blood coagulate homocysteine levels)

Short trick of  Diseases caused by bacterial infection जिवाणु से होने वाले प्रमुख रोग

Short trick ‘ पंडित – का –  टिक –  न्यु –  है ‘
No.-1. पं :   प्लेग :   Plague disease causes by bacterial strain called Yersinia pestis
No.-2. डि :  डिपथिरिया :  Diphtheria disease causes bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae
No.-3. त : टायफाइड  : Typhoid disease causes fever caused by the Salmonella typhi bacteria
No.-4. का : काला खाँसी :  Black Cough disease causes ‘ caused by an infection ‘ and noninfectious causes
No.-5. टि : टिटनस : (tetanus disease causes bacteria that cause tetanus, Clostridium tetani)
No.-6. क : कुष्ट : leprosy disease causes  bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae).
No.-7. न्यु : न्युमोनिया :  Pneumonia  disease causes  caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi
No.-8. है : हैजा : Cholera disease causes severe watery diarrhea,

SCIENCE GK TRICK – S. I. पद्धति के मूल मात्रक (GK TRICK- SI UNIT SYSTEM )

SCIENEC GK TRICK – ताबीज दे मसल
Explanation –
ट्रिकी वर्ड     मात्रक
ता    ताप
बी    बिधुत धारा
ज    ज्योति तीव्रता
दे     द्रव्यमान
म     मोल
स     समय
ल     लंबाई

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