Full Form of PS : Postscript

What is the full form of PS?

No:1. P.S. stands for postscript.
No:2. The term postscript is derived from Latin post scriptum which means “written after”.
No:3. A postscript can be a line or a paragraph added after the signature line.
No:4. There can be different reasons to add postscript such as to express an afterthought or to provide the additional information.
No:5. So, it is a simple way to reinforce your message and enhance your submission.

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How to add postscript

No:1. It must begin with P.S. before the message
No:2. It should be added at the end of the letter after the signature line
No:3. Skip a line after the signature line to add postscript

Places we need to add a P.S.

No:1. Letters
No:2. Websites
No:3. Emails
No:4. Blog/Articles

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