Olympics Questions and Answers - SSC NOTES PDF
Olympics Questions and Answers

Olympics Questions and Answers

Olympics Questions and Answers:-If you are a student, then we recommend you to go through questions in the Tokyo Olympics GK Quiz. It is observed that a few questions in different competitive examinations. In this post, we are going to provide you Tokyo Olympics General Knowledge Quiz including questions and answers.

Olympics Questions and Answers

No.-1. First-ever Winter Olympics was conducted on the year _____

Answer: 1924.

No.-2. The colours of the five interlaced rings in the Olympics flag are

Answer: Red, Black, Breen, Blue and Yellow.

No.-3. _____ refers to a four-year period beginning on the opening of the Olympic Games for the summer sports.

Answer: Olympiad.

No.-4. The inception of Olympics was from which country?

Answer: Greece.

No.-5. The five nations which were participated in the Olympic games from its inception are

Answer: Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

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No.-6. The country which comes on top position in gaining gold medals at the Summer Olympics 1996?

Answer: USA.

No.-7. Which sport item was included in the 1988 summer Olympic after a break of 64 years?

Answer: Tennis

No.-8. The topper country in winning maximum medals in Olympic from its beginning is

Answer: USA.

No.-9. Name the athlete from Spain who was the one and only to win gold in a Winter Olympics.

Answer: Francisco Fernández Ochoa.

No.-10. The country which has won maximum gold medals in the winter Para Olympics games on 2002.

Answer: Germany.

No.-11.  Who was the dignitary to declare 2012 Olympics has opened?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth II.

No.-12.  The year in which Olympic games was conducted in Vancouver is

Answer: 2010.

No.-13.  In which year Snowboarding was first included in the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan?

Answer: 1998.

No.-14. Birgit Fischera, German kayaker, got her first gold medal in _____ Olympics.

Answer: 1980 Moscow.

No.-15. The number of gold medals secured in the equestrian sport by Reiner Klimke, a German is

Answer: 6.

Olympic Quiz Question

No.-16. In 2004 summer Olympics, who won gold in sabre fencing from women’s category?

Answer: Mariel Zagunis.

No.-17. What was the inspiration for the sports pictograms which were used in the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics?

Answer: Ancient Norwegian Rock Carvings.

No.-18. Which country’s team got bronze and silver in Atlanta and Sydney respectively for the item basketball in the women category?

Answer: Australia.

No.-19. _____ is the discipline in which USA qualified for the first time at 2008 Olympics.

Answer: Men’s Trampoline.

No.-20. In 1980 Moscow Olympics one country boycotted the games with the order of its President. Which was that country?

Answer: United States.

No.-21. At the 1984 Summer Olympic Games a sport discipline was also included. Which was that?

Answer: Synchronized Swim.

No.-22. The year in which the voting held for selecting 2016 summer games host was on

Answer: 2009.

No.-23. Which country was represented by Yvonne van Gennip by winning three Gold for the event speed skatingin the 1988Olympics at Calgary?

Answer: Netherlands.

No.-24. _____ was accidentally died during his practice with his partner of olympic game.

Answer: Sergei Grinkov.

No.-25. At the 2008 Olympics, a 9 year old girl was noticed by the whole world while she appeared on stage, lip-synching to the Chinese national anthem. What is her name?

Answer: Lin Miaoke.

No.-26. Name the beach Volleyballer from US who has got Geeter, the human “on” switch

Answer: Chris McGee.

No.-27. In 2004 Summer Olympics,in which sport did Erik Vendt, an American athlete participated?

Answer: Swimming.

No.-28. Which sport has celebrated its 100th year of participation in the Games at the 2012 London Olympics?

Answer: Modern Pentathlon.

No.-29. Which medal was bagged by USA for Basketball at 2004 Olympics?

Answer: Bronze.

No.-30. Name the city in China where 2008 summer Olympics took place.

Answer: Beijing.

Olympic Quiz

No.-31. Who has got gold medal for Women’s 7.5 km sprint biathlon competition of the Sochi 2014 Olympics?

Answer: Anastasiya Kuzmina.

No.-32. _____ was a female skater who had won three-time Olympic Champion in Ladies’ Singles, a ten-time World Champion and a six-time European Champion.

Answer: Sonja Henie.

No.-33. Name the country which always leads the parade of athletes at the Olympic opening ceremony?

Answer: Greece.

No.-34. Which country in 1992 Summer Olympics Barcelona, Spain was allowed to compete in the Olympic Games for the first time since the 1960 Summer Olympics, after a long suspension for its apartheid policy

Answer: South Africa.

No.-35. As per records the first Olympics is traditionally dated on

Answer: 776 BC.

No.-36. In ancient Olympic games, a category of people were refused to attend or watch the games. Who were they?

Answer: Married women.

No.-37. How Alexander the Great is related to Princess Olympiad, a Greek Princess?

Answer: His mother.

No.-38. The Greek city in which the first Modern Olympics had conducted is

Answer: Athens.

No.-39. Which type of medals were given to the winners of sports events held at Athens Olympics, which was also the first modern Olympics held in 1896?

Answer: Silver medals.

No.-40. The first Olympic Games to feature female athletes was the _____ Games in Paris.

Answer: 1900.

No.-41. There was a mass boycotting of Olympic Games by 64 countries in the history of Olympics. Which was the Olympics?

Answer: 1980 Summer Olympics, Moscow.

No.-42. The Olympic Games in which firstever drug- test was executed against doping was in

Answer: 1968, Mexico City.

Olympic Quiz Question Answer

No.-43. Name the Olympic Games in which South Korea and North Korea came together under one flag.

Answer: Sydney 2000.

No.-44. In 1913, _____ is the person who designed the Olympic flag.

Answer: Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

No.-45. Which colour is used for depicting peace as a background colour in the Olympic Symbol?

Answer: White.

No.-46. In the interlaced rings of Olympic symbol, what is the number of rings illustrated upside and downside?

Answer: 3, 2.

No.-47. The five interlaced rings in the Olympic symbol represent

Answer: The five continents of the world.

No.-48. What is the Olympic motto proposed by Pierre de Coubertin upon the creation of the International Olympic Committee in 1894.

Answer: Citius, Altius, Fortius.

No.-49. What does the Olympic motto ‘hendiatris Citius, Altius, Fortius’ means

Answer: Swifter, Higher, Stronger.

No.-50. As a symbol of spreading peace, which bird is set free during the inaugural ceremony of Olympic Games?

Answer: Doves.

No.-51. The Olympic mascots, (the fictional characters, usually an animal native to the area or human figures, who represent the cultural heritage of the place where the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place. are introduced from which summer Olympics.

Answer: 1968.

No.-52. The inaugural opening ceremony started from which Olympics?

Answer: III, London.

No.-53. What is the name of the person who carried the Olympic flame at 2000 Sydney Olympics inaugural ceremony?

Answer: Herb Elliot.

No.-54. First World War cancelled one Olympics which was planned to be held at _____ in 1916.

Answer: Berlin.

No.-55. The sport which has a large number of competition items in the Olympic Games is

Answer: Swimming.

Olympic quiz Question With Answer

No.-56. IN 1948 London Olympics, the important venue was

Answer: Wembley Stadium.

No.-57. 1986 marathon winner Spyridon represents which country?

Answer: Greece.

No.-58. The country code which was given to Spain by the International Olympic Committee is

Answer: ESP.

No.-59. _____ won first gold medal in women’s hockey in 1980.

Answer: Zimbabwe.

No.-60. The telecasting of games through television started from which Olympics?

Answer: 1936, Berlin.

No.-61. From which Olympics the Olympic flame started for the first time.

Answer: 1928, Amsterdam.

No.-62. The first African to win Olympic Marathon was

Answer: Abebe Bikila.

No.-63. In a span of eighty years, on which year USA recorded the gymnastics team title for the first time in Olympics?

Answer: 1984, Los Angeles.

No.-64. The boxing class in which Morgan gave his first gold medal to New Zealand is

Answer: Welterweight.

No.-65. The journey of Olympic Torch through five continents started in the year _____ at _____

Answer: 2004, Athens.

No.-66. Name the Olympian who is the only man to win two gold in the same Olympics itself.

Answer: Oliver Kirk.

No.-67. Name the Olympian who is the only man to win two gold in two different games in the same Olympics itself.

Answer: Oliver Leonard Kirk.

No.-68. _____ is the Olympian who won 3 gold medals in a single day.

Answer: Raymond Ewry.

No.-69. The gymnast who had won 8 medals, which is a record too in Olympic games is

Answer: Sawao Kato.

No.-70. The international federation which governs the archery competition is

Answer: FITA.

No.-71. Badminton was declared as an event from which Olympics?

Answer: 1992.

No.-72. In the debut match of women’s singles badminton, the first place went to

Answer: Susi Susanti.

Tokyo Olympic quiz

No.-73. The year in which basketball entered as an Olympic game is

Answer: 1936.

No.-74. The cycling game which was included from Beijing Olympics in 2008 is

Answer: BMX racing.

No.-75. The boxing was included from which year in the history of Olympic Games?

Answer: 1904.

No.-76. Women’s diving was introduced from _____, _____ Olympics

Answer: 1912, Stockholm.

No.-77. The championship of 1908 Olympic hockey game was achieved by

Answer: Great Britain.

No.-78. The football in Olympics was introduced in

Answer: 1900.

No.-79. Name the countries which shared the title of ‘winners of three gold medals in men’s soccer’ in Olympics

Answer: Hungary and Great Britain.

No.-80. The Soviet gymnast, she was a the centre of attraction also, who won two gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics was.

Answer: Olga Korbut.

No.-81. In which Olympics Judo was excluded from the games after 1964 Olympics?

Answer: 1968, Mexico City.

No.-82. During the period 1948 to 1960, name the person who was a sailor too, won 4 gold medals in Olympics

Answer: Paul Elvstrom, Denmark.

No.-83. The champion in men’s skeet at Summer Olympics held in Beijing at 2008?

Answer: Vincent Hancock.

No.-84. Name the Olympics from which the use of goggles for swimming started?

Answer: 1976, Montreal, Canada.

No.-85. The country won the majority of gold medals in table tennis, that is, 20 out of 24 is

Answer: China.

No.-86. The tennis champion recorded in winning five Olympic medals in tennis (one gold medal, two silver, 3 bronze.

Answer: Kathleen McKane Godfree.

No.-87. Name the country which was the champion for two concurrent games from1984

Answer: The United States.

No.-88. The time span given for a weightlifter to lift and hold the weight is

Answer: 60 seconds.

Quiz Question Of Tokyo Olympic

No.-89. In 1972 Munich Olympics, US has won six medals of which how many were gold?

Answer: Three.

No.-90. _____ won baseball championship for three times within a five Olympics duration upto 2008 Beijing Olympics

Answer: Cuba.

No.-91. Cricket was an Olympic game till _____ Olympics.

Answer: 1900, Paris.

No.-92. The one and only Olympics in which golf competition for women was conducted is

Answer: 1900.

No.-93. The country which was a champion in handball tournament in the 1936 Berlin Olympics is

Answer: Germany.

No.-94. From which Olympics onwards Polo was excluded from games?

Answer: 1936.

No.-95. Name the champion country in their debut match of Softball at the Atlanta Olympics

Answer: The United States.

No.-96. Name the Olympics, which afterward standing jumps were removed from games.

Answer: 1912, Stockholm.

No.-97. Name the one and only Canadian athlete who has won two gold medals in 100 m and 200 m sprints in the Olympics yet.

Answer: Percy Williams.

No.-98. _____ has won 8 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics at 2008 for swimming

Answer: Michael Phelps.

No.-99. The Olympics from which India started to compete as a participant country is

Answer: 1900.

No.-100. The boxer also called ‘The Gentleman of Boxing’ is

Answer: Floyd Patterson.

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Important MCQ’s

Que.-1. सात पर्वतों का नगर किसे कहा जाता है ?

(a) रोम

(b) फ्रांस

(c) आयरलैण्ड

(d) स्वीटजरलैण्ड

Ans   (a) रोम

Que.-2.दूध से मक्खन निकालने पर उसका घनत्व पर क्या प्रभाव पड़ेगा?

(a) घनत्व घटता है

(b) घनत्व बढ़ता है

(c) A एवं B दोनों

(d) इनमें से कोई

Ans   (b) घनत्व बढ़ता है

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