NIIT Full Form

NIIT Full Form

NIIT Full Form:- NIIT full form is the National Institute of Information Technology. It is a top player in the IT domain and offers state of the art training for delivering solutions to corporates, individuals, and groups.

A Brief History of NIIT Full Form

No.-1. The journey of NIIT started in the year 1981 by Rajendra Power and Vijay Thadani graduates from IIT.

No.-2. Rajendra Power and Vijay Thadani opened the institute in Delhi with Rs 1 million.

No.-3, From 1986 onwards, NIIT began to expand its business in the software domain and started to offer advice to large corporates for optimizing their IT resources.

No.-4. The year 1992 was a turning point in the history of this institute with the launch of GNIIT.

No.-5. It was an industry-focused course that enabled students to get real professional experience with industry leaders for 12 months.

No.-6. In the year 2004 NIIT seeded off its software business into a separate entity called NIIT Technologies Ltd.

No.-7. They also launched an Edgeineers program in 2005 to help passed out engineers.

No.-8. Slowly NIIT began diversifying its operations to banking, management, finance, and insurance.

No.-9. Since 2014 NIIT has tied up with the National Skill Development Corporation and launched NIIT Yuva Jyoti centers in various states.

Main Business Lines of NIIT

No.-1. NIIT acronym means the National Institute of Information Technology. It is the popular term across the common public and is mostly used.

No.-2. NIIT pursues 3 main lines of business, viz, corporate learning group, Business related to skills & careers, and MindChampion Learning Systems Limited.

Let’s look at these three in brief

No.-1. Corporate Learning Group – This unit of NIIT is entrusted with the responsibility of offering managed training services to developed companies and industry leaders in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

No.-2. Skills & Careers Business – This unit runs a huge range of learning and development programs and helps many learners shape their future. The focused areas under this flagship program include Digital Transformation, Banking, Soft Skills, BPO Excellence training, Marketing, Vocational Skills Development, and modern IT services.

No.-3. Mind Champion Learning Systems Limited – This unit focuses on introducing technology-driven learning systems at private schools under nGuru branding. NIIT also provides assessment programs for Mathematics, Science, and English.

Subsidies of NIIT

No.-1. NIIT Ireland Ltd

No.-2. NIIT (USA), Inc.

No.-3. NIIT Institute of Finance, Banking & Insurance Training Ltd.

No.-4. NIIT Institute of Process Excellence Ltd.

No.-5. Mindchampion Learning Systems Limited

No.-6. Learning Universe Private Limited

No.-7. NIIT Learning Solutions (Canada) Limited

No.-8. NIIT Antilles NV

No.-9. NIIT Yuva Jyoti Limited.

NIIT training centres

There are many training centres across the country,l, which are listed below.

No.-1. Assam

No.-2. Andhra Pradesh

No.-3. Bihar

No.-4. Chhattisgarh

No.-5. Chandigarh

No.-6. Goa

No.-7. Delhi

No.-8. Gujarat

No.-9. Himachal Pradesh

No.-10. Haryana

No.-11. Jammu & Kashmir

No.-12. Karnataka

No.-13. Kerala

No.-14. MP

No.-15. Maharashtra

No.-16. Odisha

No.-17. Nagaland

No.-18. Puducherry

No.-19. Rajasthan

No.-20. Punjab

No.-21. Tripura

No.-22. Tamil Nadu

No.-23. UP

No.-24. West Bengal

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