Full Form of NHB : The full form of NHB is the National Housing Bank.

What is the full form of NHB?

No:1. The full form of NHB is the National Housing Bank.
No:2. NHB is an agency owned by the Indian Government and was established under the National Housing Bank Act, 1987, on 9 July 1988.
No:3. The main major bank for housing is the NHB.
No:4. The NHB was formed with the goal of facilitating as a positive influence to support regional and local housing finance agencies as well as provide additional financial support to certain entities and for related matters.
No:5. The National Housing Bank Act, 1987 has been amended by the Finance Act, 2019.
No:6. The amendment confers upon the RBI the powers of supervision of HFCs(Housing Finance Companies).
No:7. HFCs are register and supervise by the NHB, supervise with on-site and off-site frameworks and coordinate with the other regulators.

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The main goal of NHB

NHB was form to accomplish the specific goals which are :
No:1. Promoting a sound, safe, sustainable and cost-effective mortgage lending framework to appeal to all sections of the population and integrating the housing finance sector with the banking markets overall.
No:2. Promoting a network of specialized housing finance institutions to represent the various areas and different income classes appropriately.
No:3. To increase the sector’s wealth and turn them towards housing.
No:4. To offer loans for housing more reasonably priced.
No:5. Focused on the supervisory and regulatory authority derived under the Act, to control the activities of housing finance companies.
No:6. To support an increase in the availability of buildable land or building materials for homes and to develop the national housing stocks.
No:7. To allow public authorities, for homes, to develop as mediators and providers of maintained property.

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