Full Form of MSC : Mobile Switching Center or Master of Science

What is the full form of M.SC?

No:1. The full form of MSC is Mobile Switching Center.
No:2. It is the heart of the Network Switching System (NSS).
No:3. It is used to switch the digital voice data packets from one network path to another.
No:4. For example: it switches voice data between the mobile and other fixed or mobile network users.
No:5. Apart from routing of data, it is also used to handle registration, authentication, network interfacing, location updating, toll ticketing, and many more.
No:6. Every MSC has a unique ID.

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Another abbreviation of MSc

No:1. M.Sc. stands for Master of Science.
No:2. It is a postgraduate degree awarded in the field of science.
No:3. This degree course is awarded by many universities in India.

M.Sc. degree is offered in the following subjects

No:1. Mathematics
No:2. Physics
No:3. Chemistry
No:4. Biochemistry
No:5. Biotechnology
No:6. Botany
No:7. Zoology
No:8. Microbiology and many more.
No:9. Criteria
The candidate must have completed his/her Bachelor of Science degree with the concerned subjects before getting admission in Master of Science (M.Sc) program.

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