Full Form of MPEG : Moving Picture Experts Group

What is the Full form of MPEG?

No:1. The full form of MPEG is Moving Picture Experts Group.
No:2. MPEG is an organization task force determining video or audio encoding and transmitting specifications.
No:3. Builds up types of video, audio files, recognized as MPEG.
No:4. The team consists of the ISO or International Organization for Standardization & the IEC or International Electrotechnical Commission.

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History of MPEG

No:1. MPEG was founded by Leonardo Chiariglione & Hiroshi Yasuda in January 1988.
No:2. The first conference was arranged in May 1988, in Ottawa, Canada.
No:3. Several of MPEG’s released version involved are listed below :
a). MPEG-1 Edition
b). MPEG-2 Edition
c). MPEG-3 Edition
d). MPEG-4 Edition
e). MPEG-7 Edition
f). MPEG-21 Edition, etc.

Working principles of MPEG

No:1. MPEG uses an algorithm wherein the information is packed into tiny bits so that they’re quickly transmitted as well as decompressed and afterwards encoded using Discrete Cosine Transform.
No:2. MPEG ‘s compression rate is high as it doesn’t keep the whole frame; it just holds the changes made to the structures.
No:3. MPEG operation is :
a). Audio storage in Compact Disk(CD).
b). Videos are stored in digital videotapes.

MPEG Benefits

No:1. MPEG documents create a quite good quality duplicate of the original data.
No:2. MPEG document application is compatible with many other internet browsers and can be use on different platforms.

Limitations of MPEG

No:1. Less compression ratio.
No:2. The file sizes are more significant.
No:3. Longer to load since large file size.

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