List of Nuclear Power Plants of INDIA

List of All Nuclear Power Plants of India

No:1. India generates electricity from Thermal, Hydro, Wind, Solar, and Nuclear Energy.

No:2. It is the 3rd largest producer after China and the United States of America, and the sixth-largest consumer of electricity in the world.

No:3. Most of the electricity consumed in India is generated from Thermal power (Around 65%), Hydropower (22%), Nuclear power (3%) and rest of the energy it gets from Solar, Wind, Biomass, etc. (around 10%).

No:4. In this article, I will talk about Nuclear Power plants in India and will list down some of the nuclear power industries.

No:5. Nuclear is the 5th largest source of electricity and has a total installed capacity of 6480 MW.

No:6. There are currently 22 Nuclear Power reactors (According to 2016 Survey) out of which seven are in operation.

No:7. These operational Nuclear power plants produced a total of 35 TWh. It also contributes 3.22% of Indian electricity.

No:8. Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) is a public sector enterprise under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), GOI, is the governing body for the operation of Nuclear Power plants in India.

No:9. Tarapur Atomic power station, Maharashtra with a capacity of 150MW, is the 1st Nuclear Power plant in India. its construction began in 1961 whereas it was commissioned on October 28, 1969.

No:10. The largest amount of Nuclear energy in the world is produced by France (Around 75%).

Nuclear Power Plants

Name of the Power Station Operator Total Capacity (in MW) Location (State)
1. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant NPCIL 6,000 MW Tamil Nadu
2. Rajasthan Atomic Power Station NPCIL 1,180 MW Rajasthan
3. Tarapur Atomic Power Station NPCIL 1,400 MW Maharashtra
4. Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant NPCIL 880 MW Karnataka
5. Kakrapar Atomic Power Station NPCIL 700 MW Gujarat
6. Narora Atomic Power Station NPCIL 440 MW Uttar Pradesh
7. Madras Atomic Power Station NPCIL 440 MW Tamil Nadu

NPCIL (The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited) is the operator of all Nuclear Power Plants.

 Planned Projects

Name of the Power Station Operator Total Capacity (in MW) Location (State)
1. Mahi Banswara NPCIL 2,800 MW Rajasthan
2. Gorakhpur NPCIL 2,800 MW Haryana
3. t.b.d. (was Mithi Virdi NPCIL 6,600 MW Gujarat
4. Jaitapur NPCIL 9,900 MW Maharashtra
5. Chutka NPCIL 1,400 MW Madhya Pradesh
6. t.b.d. (was Haripur) NPCIL 6,600 MW West Bengal
7. Bhimpur NPCIL 2,800 MW Madhya Pradesh
8. Kovvada NPCIL 6,600 MW Andhra Pradesh
9. Kaiga NPCIL 880 MW Karnataka
10. Madras NPCIL 440 MW Tamil Nadu


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