List of Important Boundary Lines

Important Boundary Lines

No:1. It is very important to know about the Important International Boundary Lines between various countries .
No:2. It will improve your general knowledge and many questions have been asked in various exams.

Important International Boundary Lines are :

No:1. Radcliffe Line
This boundary line is between India and Pakistan drawn by Sir Cyril Radcliffe in 1947.
No:2. Durand Line
It is between Pakistan and Afghanistan
No:3. McMahon Line
The boundary line between India and China to which China does not approve. It was demarcated by Sir Henry McMahon
No:4. 24th Parallel
The line which Pakistan claims should be the Demarcation line between India and Pakistan, not accepted by India.
No:5. Hindenberg Line
Boundary line between Germany and Poland to which German retreated in 1917 during the First World War.
No:6. Oder‐Neisse Line
The boundary line between Poland and East Germany.
No:7. Mannerheim Line – It is between Russia and Finland.
No:8. Maginot Line – The boundary line is between France and Germany.
No:9. Siegfried Line – The boundary line is between France and Germany.
No:10. 17th Parallel
The line which defines the boundary between North Vietnam and South Vietnam before the two were united.
No:11. 38th Parallel  
The boundary line between North Korea and South Korea.
No:12. 49th Parallel
It is the boundary line between the United States of America and Canada.
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Important MCQ’s

Que.-1.बौद्ध धर्म के प्रचार के लिए अशोक ने श्रीलंका किसे भेजा था?

(a) कुणाल

(b) संघमित्रा

(c) धर्मपाल

(d) इनमें से कोई नहीं

Ans        (b) संघमित्रा

Que.-2.हिडकल परियोजना किस नदी पर बना है?

(a) कृष्णा

(b) शरावती

(c) गोमती

(d) घाटप्रभा

Ans        (d) घाटप्रभा

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