Lakes of World

Lakes of World

Lakes of World:- A Lake is a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land. Some of these lakes are formed by glaciers coercion or intimidation into the ground and some are created when river valleys are blocked by dams. We share World Lakes Quiz or World Lakes List in Hindi and English for all Competitive Exams. Name of Disappearing Lakes Around the World also share in this post.

Names of Lakes Around the World:- Here, we are giving the list of the Important Lakes of World that will help the readers for enhancing general knowledge.

World Famous Lakes:- Lakes are large water bodies that are surrounded by the land. Its area is variable and filled with water. Basically, Lakes lie on land and is not a part of the ocean. Lakes are larger and deeper than ponds. In this post we will share Lakes Around the World or Pink Lakes Around the World.

Lakes of World

Name Location Area Fish
Lake Baikhal Siberia, Russia 31,722 km² Omul, Arctic grayling, Baikal sturgeon
Lake Superior North America 82,103 km² Burbot, Trout, Northern pike, Muskellunge, Walleye
Lake Huron North America 59,600 km² Northern pike, Walleye, Smallmouth bass, Lake trout
Lake Tanganyika Bujumbura, Kigoma, Kalemie 32,900 km² Lamprichthys, Lake Tanganyika sardine, Tanganyika lates
Caspian Sea Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia 371,000 km² Caspian kutum, Round goby, Brown trout, Wels catfish, Alosa braschnikowi
Lake Malawi Africa 29,600 km² Kampango, Redbreast tilapia
Great Bear Lake Northwest Territories 31,153 km² Arctic char, Trout, Lake trout, Arctic grayling, Lake whitefish
Lake Michigan Chicago, Milwaukee, Traverse City, Ludington, Holland 58,000 km² Bowfin, Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Lake trout, Yellow perch
Great Slave Lake Northwest Territories 27,200 km² Northern pike, Lake trout, Arctic grayling, Lake whitefish
Crater Lake United States 53.35 km² Rainbow trout, Sockeye salmon
Lake Victoria East Africa 68,800 km² Nile perch, Nile tilapia
Lake Titicaca Puno, Copacabana 8,372 km² Titicaca orestias
Lake Erie North America 25,744 km² Rainbow trout, Smallmouth bass, Walleye, Common carp, Brown trout, Yellow perch, Alewife, White perch, Rainbow smelt
Peyto Lake Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada 5.2  km²
Aral Sea Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan, Central Asia 17,160 km² Common carp, Zander, Common bream, Ide
Lake Tahoe The Sierra Nevada of the U.S, along the state border of California and Nevada 496.2 km² Mosquitofish, Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Largemouth bass
Dead Sea Israel; Jordan; Palestine 605 km² None
Great Salt Lake Utah, United States 4,400 km² Brine Shrimp
Lake Ontario North America 18,960 km² Chinook salmon, Walleye, Coho salmon
Lake of the Woods North America 4,349 km² Walleye, Northern pike, Muskellunge, Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Lake trout, Lake sturgeon


World Lakes Quiz 

We share World Lakes Quiz or World Lakes List in Hindi and English for all Competitive Exams. Name of Disappearing Lakes Around the World also share in this post.

No.-1. Caspian Sea

No.-1. Location: Azerbaijan-Russia-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran

No.-2. Area: 394,299 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length: 1,199 km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 946 m


No.-2. Superior

No.-1. Location: U.S.-Canada

No.-2. Area: 82,414 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length: 616    km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 406 m


No.-3. Victoria

No.-1. Location: Tanzania-Uganda

No.-2. Area: 69,485 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length: 322   km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 82 m


No.-4. Huron

No.-1. Location: U.S.-Canada

No.-2. Area: 59,596 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length: 397   km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 229 m


No.-5. Michigan

No.-1. Location: U.S.

No.-2. Area: 58,016 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length: 517   km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 281 m


No.-6. Aral

No.-1. Location: Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan

No.-2. Area: 33,800 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length:  428 km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 68 m


No.-7. Tanganyika

No.-1. Location: Tanzania-Congo

No.-2. Area:  32,893 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length:  676 km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 1,435 m


No.-8. Baikal

No.-1. Location: Russia

No.-2. Area: 31,500 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length:  636 km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 1,741 m


No.-9. Great Bear

No.-1. Location: Canada

No.-2. Area:  31,080 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length:   373 km

No.-4. Maximum Depth:  82 m


No.-10. Nyasa

No.-1. Location: Malawi-Mozambique-Tanzania

No.-2. Area: 30,044 Sq. Km

No.-3. Length:   579 km

No.-4. Maximum Depth: 706 m

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