Full Form of ISD : International Subscriber Dialing

What is the full form of ISD?

No:1. The full form of ISD is International Subscriber Dialing.
No:2. ISD is also known as an IDD or International Direct Dialing is an international telephone call that is dialed directly by a telephone subscriber or an individual, rather than depending on the phone operator.
No:3. Each nation shall be allotted an ISD number.
No:4. It is a specific number or code.
No:5. To make an international call, a telephone subscriber must add that particular code or number before the phone number of the individual.
No:6. In the UK and Australia, the word ISD was used before the word was changed to IDD.
No:7. Since the late 20th century most international calls are dialled directly.
No:8. When telephone numbers are authored for international need, the international call prefix is ignored and the number should begin with a ‘ sign’ accompanied by the nation call code.
No:9. The plus sign indicates it follows the country code and you might need to dial a confirmation code in the origin country.

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No:1. In 1957 the first transatlantic direct dial telephone call was made to her penpal, Ann Morsley, in Dedham, Essex, by Sally Reed in Dedham, Massachusetts.
No:2. The International Numbering Plan for Telephones provides a country code as an item. Country codes are necessary if someone is dialling a telephone number to make a call to a foreign nation.
No:3. Nation codes are dialled before the National telephone number. By contract, the international phone numbers are constructed with ‘+ sign’ before the nation code.

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