Full Form of IRDP : Integrated Rural Development Programme

What is the Full form of IRDP?

No:1. The full form of IRDP is the Integrated Rural Development Programme.
No:2. IRDP is a Government of India’s rural development plan initiated nationwide on 2 October 1980.
No:3. Its object is to offer impoverished rural communities a self-employment opportunity to help them grow their businesses and cross the poverty threshold.
No:4. It addresses primarily poorer people living in extreme poverty, including rural artisans, small farmers and agricultural labourers.

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Important points about IRDP

No:1. It is a federally administered program, which is jointly financed by state and centre on a 50:50 basis.
No:2. After 1980, it has participated in all of the country’s blocks.
No:3. The funds are distribute to poor rural families on the base of the percentage of rural low-income families in a Nation.
No:4. Roughly 51 million households have benefited from IRDP at the cost of Rs. 11434.27 crore since the launch of the program until 1997, 45 per cent of these families were SC / ST and 27 per cent were females.
No:5. IRDP is incorporate via the Agencies DRDA (District Rural Development).
No:7. DRDA requires local MPS, Zila Parishads chairman, Scheduled costs women’s and so on.
No:8. The blocks are responsible for overseeing the plan at ground level and the state level Planning Committees control the programme, at the state level.

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