Full Form of IQ : Intelligence Quotient

What is the Full form of IQ?

No:1. The full form of IQ is Intelligence Quotient.
No:2. IQ is an overall score obtained from a series of standardized measures or subtests designed to measure individual intelligence.
No:3. Psychologist William Stern invented the acronym “IQ” for the German word Intelligenzquotient, the word he proposed in a book published in 1912 for a rating system for IQ tests at the University of Breslau.
No:4. IQs can vary from scenario to scenario. Many techniques test a person’s IQ.
No:5. A number derived from an IQ test represents the relative intelligence of an individual.
No:6. You can measure a person’s IQ from one of the many standardized test designs for accessing human information.
No:7. The standardizing IQ sample can be defined as IQ 100. The deviation up and down is fixed at 15 IQ points.
No:8. Two-thirds of the population results between IQ 85 and IQ 115 as per one survey. With 125 scores just 5 per cent of people.

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A Brief History of IQ

No:1. Psychologist William Stern first introduced the word IQ.
No:2. It is develop from intelligenz-quotient, a German name.
No:3. Alfred Binet and Theophile Simon presented the very 1st Intelligence Test in 1905.
No:4. The IQ is usually determined by taking & multiplying the proportion of intellectual age to physical age by 100.

IQ Importance

Some points about importance of IQ are  :
No:1. IQ test helps to understand the individuals reasoning capacity.
No:2. It seeks to analyze how well individuals can use knowledge and technology to respond and predict
No:3. It allows gathering insights about the candidates’ memory.
No:4. IQ tests can help teachers know which students require additional care.
No:5. Various companies also carry out the test to select their staff.

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