Interesting GK Facts With Answers in English

Interesting GK Facts With Answers in English

General knowledge is such a subject in which no guess can be made when and where to ask questions. Simultaneously or has become such an important subject that in almost every competitive exam, whether it is banking, SSC, railway or UPSC, questions are asked from General Knowledge subject. During the written test, it becomes easy to answer on one option out of 4 in the multiple choice questions. When asked questions related to general knowledge in the same interview round, candidates often get confused or give wrong answers. In such a situation, here we will tell you about some such Interesting GK Facts with Answers which are often asked.

Interesting GK Facts With Answers in English

Que:- 1- Which animal is that whose heart is as big as a car?

Ans- Whale fish, its length is 115 feet and weight ranges from 150 to 170 tons.

Que:- 2- When is Consumer Rights Day celebrated across the world?

Ans- Consumer Rights Day is celebrated all over the world on 15th March.

Que:- 3- Which creature in the world has five eyes?

Ans- You must have been wondering what would be the answer to this question. But the answer to this question is the “Bee”. (There are two big eyes and three eyes above the forehead in the middle and they have six legs and two wings.)

Que:- 4- Which is the most intelligent animal after human?

Ans- Dolphin is the most intelligent animal after human.

Que:- 5- Which creature is that which takes the taste of everything not with the tongue but with its feet?

Ans- Butterfly (Butterflies always lay eggs on leaves. They detect with their feet whether this leaf is suitable for laying eggs or not)

Que:- 6- Which is the smallest sea turtle found in India?

Ans- Olive Ridley turtle is the smallest species of turtle found in India.

Que:- 7- How many teeth are there in the mouth of a fly?

Ans- There are no teeth in the mouth of a fly. She sucks the food with a thin tongue like a straw.

Que:-  8- Which animal is such that once it sleeps, it does not wake up again?

Ans- Ant is such an animal that once it sleeps, it does not wake up.

Que:- 9- The milk of which animal is pink in colour?

Ans- Hippopotamus

Que:-  10- In which part of the body iodine is stored?

Ans- Thyroid gland

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