Full Form of IED : Improvised Explosive Device

What is the full form of IED ?

No:1. IED stands for Improvised explosive device.
No:2. It is a type of unconventional explosive weapon that can be activated in different ways and can be of any form.
No:3. It is constructed and deployed in an improvised manner different from conventional military action.
No:4. It is commonly use as roadside bombs.
No:5. It is mostly use by the terrorists and various other such groups that want to cause destruction and kill people to fulfil their illegal motives.
No:6. For example, Suicide bombers or Person Borne IED (PBIED) also hide IED in under their clothing to carry out an explosion or to kill a target.
No:7. Besides, this to cause significant damage or destruction, Vehicle Borne IED (VBIED) is used.
No:8. It uses a vehicle to carry a large amount of explosive to a target.
No:9. IEDs are use by insurgent groups in Afghanistan and by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka.
No:10. IED can be detected in different ways. One of the ways to detect an IED is a novel detection and localization method.
No:11. It detects IED based on the magnetic signals.
No:12. Most of the IEDs have the ferromagnetic properties that produce a magnetic field that can be detect by 3-axis fluxgate sensor array system.

Characteristics of an IED

No:1. It can take any form and can be as small as a 2-inch long pipe bomb and as large as a truck.
No:2. It mainly comprises four components; a power supply, an initiator, an explosive and a switch.
No:3. It can be a homemade explosive (HME), commercial explosive or military-grade or a combination of these types.
No:4. It can be control with a remote using wifi, Bluetooth, radio, etc.
No:5. It can be of different designs and may contain different types of initiators, penetrators, detonators, and explosive loads.
No:6. It may be pack with nails, ball bearings and small rocks to cause more damage and deaths.

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Important MCQ’s

Que.-1.हाइडेस्पीज युद्ध किस नदी पर लड़ा गया था।

(a) नर्मदा

(b) ताप्ती

(c) रावी

(d) झेलम

Ans : (d) झेलम

Que.-2.कौन-सा विटामिन वसा में घुलनशील होता है ?

(a) विटामिन-A

(b) विटामिन-D

(c) विटामिन-k

(d) उपर्युक्त सभी

Ans : (d) उपर्युक्त सभी

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