Full Form of ICWA : Indian Child Welfare Act

What is the Full form of ICWA?

No:1. The full form of ICWA is the Indian Child Welfare Act.
No:2. ICWA is a Federal Act for the Protection and Benefits Rights of American Indian Children.
No:3. The statute administers authority over the separation of detention, adoption cases & foster care of Native American Indian children from their families.
No:4. The US implemented the law in 1978.
No:5. Congress to lay down guidelines for withdrawing and placing American Indian children in adoptive & foster homes.

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Importance of ICWA

No:1. The justification for the Act came after a large proportion of American Indian and Alaska Native children were separated and placed into non-native adoptive homes and fostered in American history.
No:2. It is estimated that some 30 per cent of the native children were expelled from their families by public and private organizations. It left them to stand away from their own identities & culture.
No:3. In 1978 all of this harmed the lives of tribal people and this resulted in the ICWA being introduce.
No:4. The Act sets the minimum constitutional requirements to separate American Indian children from parents.

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