Full Form of IC : Integrated Circuit

What is the full form of IC ?

No:1. IC stands for Integrated Circuit.
No:2. It is a small electronic device made of semiconductor material.
No:3. It contains various microscopic elements like transistors, diodes, capacitors and resistors.
No:4. All these elements are interconnect and fabricated as a single unit on a thin sheet of semiconductor material, particularly silicon.
No:5. ICs are use in a variety of devices like microprocessors, audio equipment, video equipment, mobiles, television sets and automobiles.
No:6. It is also called as chip or microchip.
No:7. It was primarily built with an objective of placing as many transistors as possible on a semiconductor chip.
No:8. The first IC or microchip was develope by Jack Kilby in 1958.

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Classification of IC

ICs have undergone several generations of developments. These subsequent developments made them contain more transistors and other electronic components and accordingly they can be classified as :
No:1. Small Scale Integration (SSI): One to hundred transistors per chip or IC.
No:2. Medium Scale Integration (MSI): IC with Hundreds to thousands of transistors.
No:3. Large Scale Integration (LSI): IC with thousands to several hundred thousand transistors.
No:4. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI): Hundred thousand to one million transistors per chip or IC.
No:5. Ultra-large Scale Integration (ULSI): IC with millions or billions transistors per chip. E.g. computer processor
No:6. An IC can also be classified as; Analogue IC, Digital IC or a combination of both.

Important MCQ’s

Que.-1.रोजर फेडर किस खेल से संबंधित है?

(a) पोलो

(b) टेनिस

(c) शूटिंग

(d) हॉकी

Ans : (b) टेनिस

Que.-2.इंग्लैंड की मुद्रा क्या है ?

(a) डाउंस

(b) येन

(c) क्यात

(d) पाउण्ड

Ans : (d) पाउण्ड

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