Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

Geography Trivia Questions and Answers:-This questionnaire is designed to appeal to both master and novice geographers. That is to say, students and geographers of all levels will find our quizzes both challenging and fun and in the process edify their knowledge of the world’s geography.

Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

No.-1. Which country is home to the highest waterfall, Angel Falls?
Answer: Venezuela.
No.-2. On what continent is Argentina located?
Answer: South America.
No.-3. Which country is the best example of a compact state?
Answer: Cambodia.
No.-4. Which country has the world’s largest merchant fleet?
Answer: Greece.
No.-5. Near which line of longitude is Montana and Wyoming’s eastern border?
Answer: 104.
No.-6. What is Nyasaland now known as?
Answer: Malawi.
No.-7. The Java Trench is also known by which name?
Answer: Sunda Trench.
No.-8. Where is New Miami?
Answer: Ohio.
No.-9. Where would you find ancient Numidia?
Answer: Algeria.
No.-10. The Great Bitter Lake lies along which waterway?
Answer: Suez Canal.
No.-11. Nunavut extends as far west as which U.S. state?
Answer: Washington.
No.-12. The Rub al Khali or the Empty Quarter is located in?
Answer: Saudi Arabia.

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Geography Trivia Questions

No.-13. What are the Azores?
Answer: A group of islands.
No.-14. Which country is the largest exporter of sawn wood?
Answer: Canada.
No.-15. What is the most populous county in New York State?
Answer: Kings.
No.-16. Which country calls its secretary of the treasury department the Chancellor of the Exchequer?
Answer: United Kingdom.
No.-17. Andisol soils come from which material?
Answer: Volcanic.
No.-18. Which river’s mouth lies in Mozambique?
Answer: Zambezi.
No.-19. Which country does not cross the Tropic of Capricorn?
(a) Mozambique
(b) Zimbabwe
(c) Botswana
(d) Namibia
Answer: Zimbabwe.
No.-20. In which U.S. National Park does the Snake River begin?
Answer: Yellowstone.
No.-21. What is New Zealand’s most populous city?
Answer: Auckland.
No.-22. Torino lies of which river?
Answer: PO.
No.-23. What is the capital of Switzerland?
Answer: Bern.
No.-24. Where is Franz Josef Land?
Answer: Arctic Ocean.
No.-25. Which country is the world’s largest wheat producer?
Answer: China.

Important MCQ’s

Que.-1.विश्व की सबसे लम्बी नहर कौन-सी है ?

(a) पानामा नहर

(b) स्वेज नहर

(c) निल नहर

(d) सू नहर

Ans   (b) स्वेज नहर

Que.-2.D.P.T. का टीका किस रोग से बचाव के लिए दिया जाता है?

(a) डिप्थीरिया

(b) टिटनेस

(c) दोनों (A) तथा (B)

(d) इनमें से कोई नहीं

Ans   (c) दोनों (A) तथा (B)

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