Full Form of Computer Parts in PDF

Full Form of Computer Parts in PDF
Full Form of Computer Parts in PDF

Full Form of Computer Parts in PDF :- This computer related full form PDF is made by us, this computer full form in english is very helpful for your 12th Computer Science Board Exam and all Computer Science, Mouse Full Form Realeted Competitive Examination, with the help of this you can increase your preparation to a great extent.

आज हम आपको Full Forms of Computer Abbreviations (कम्प्युटर से संबंधित महत्वपूर्ण शब्दों की Full Form ) बताऐंगे ! इन सभी नीचे दी गई Full Forms of Computer Abbreviations, Computer ka Full Form को आप अच्छे से याद कर लीजियेगा क्योंकि इससे संबंधित 2-3 Question लगभग हर Competitive Exam में आते ही है.

Full Form of Computer Parts in PDF

आइये हम देखते है Computer Full Form, Keyboard Full Form, Computer Full Form in English, Full Form of Laptop, Full Form of Software, Short Forms in Computer, wwww Full Form in Computer क्या है और इसकी फुल फॉर्म को अच्छे से समझते है क्योंकि कंप्यूटर वर्ड में सभी लेटर का एक महत्वपूर्ण योगदान है जिसको मिलकर ही कंप्यूटर का निर्माण होता है

C – Commonly

O – Operation

M – Machine

P – Particularly

U – Used for

T – Technical

E – Educational

R – Research

Categorization on the basis of technology

No.-1. डिजिटल कम्प्यूटर (Digital Computer)

No.-2. एनालॉग कंप्यूटर (Analog Computer)

No.-3. हाइब्रिड कंप्यूटर (Hybrid Computer)

Categorization on the basis of generation

No.-1. पहली पीढ़ी के कंप्यूटर (1st Generation Computer) : (1940-1956) वैक्यूम ट्यूब पर आधारित।

No.-2. दूसरी पीढ़ी के कंप्यूटर (2nd Generation Computer): (1956-1963) ट्रांजिस्टर के आधार पर

No.-3. तीसरी पीढ़ी के कंप्यूटर (3rd Generation Computer): (1964-1971) एकीकृत सर्किट पर आधारित

No.-4. फोर्थ जनरेशन कंप्यूटर (4th Generation Computer): (1971- वर्तमान) माइक्रोप्रोसेसरों पर आधारित है

No.-5. पांचवीं पीढ़ी के कंप्यूटर (5th Generation Computer): (वर्तमान और परे) आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस (AI) पर आधारित

Computer Full Form Hindi || कम्प्यूटर से संबंधित Full Forms

No.-1. ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit

No.-2. ALGOL – Algorithmic Language

No.-3. ASCII – American Standard Code For Information Interchange

No.-4. BCD – Binary Coded Decimal Code

No.-5. CPU – Central Processing Unit

No.-6. CAD – Computer-Aided Design

No.-7. COBOL – Common Business Oriented Language

No.-8. CD – Compact Disk

No.-9. C-DOT – Center for Development of Telematics

No.-10. CLASS – Computer Literacy And Studies in School

No.-11. COMAL – Common Algorithmic Language

No.-12. DOS – Disk Operating System

No.-13. DTS – Desk Top System

No.-14. DTP – Desk Top Publishing

No.-15. E-Commerce – Electronic Commerce

No.-16. E-Mail – Electronic Commerce

No.-17. E-Mail – Electronic Mail

No.-18. ENIAC – Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

No.-19. FORTRAN – Formula Translation

No.-20. FAX – Far away Xerox

No.-21. Flops – Floating Operations per Second

No.-22. HLL – High-Level Languages

No.-23. HTML – High Text Markup Language

No.-24. IBM – International Business Machine

No.-25. IC – Integrated Circuit

No.-26. LAN – Local Area Network

No.-27. LDU – Liquid Display Unit

No.-28. LISP – List Processing

No.-29. LLL – Low Level Language

No.-30. MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Reader

No.-31. MIPS – Millions of Instructions Per Second

No.-32. MOPS – Millions of Operation per Second

No.-33. MODEM – Modulator – Demodulate

No.-34. NICNET – National Information Center Network

No.-35. OMR – Optical Mark Reader

No.-36. PC-DOS – Personal Computer Disk Operating System

No.-37. PROM – Programmable Read-only Memory

No.-38. RAM – Random Access Memory

No.-39. ROM – Read Only Memory

No.-40. RPG – Report Programmer Generator

No.-41. SNOBOL – String Oriented Symbolic Language

No.-42. VDU – Visual Display Unit

No.-43. VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration

No.-44. WAN – Wide Area Network

No.-45. WWW – World Wide Web


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