Full Form of DNB : Diplomate of National Board

What is the full form of DNB ?

No:1. DNB stands for Diplomate of National Board.
No:2. It is a title awarded by National Board of Examination (NBE) which is an autonomous academic body under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
No:3. It is award to the candidates who successfully complete postgraduate or postdoctoral medical education under the National Board of Examination (NBE).

Popular Super Specialties for DNB

There are around 150 recognize medical colleges who offer DNB program. It does not stand for a single medical course. It is offered in various medical disciplines. Some of the popular super specialties for DNB are listed below :
No:1. Cardiology
No:2. Endocrinology
No:3. Hematology
No:4. Neonatology
No:5. Rheumatology
No:6. Neurology
No:7. Nephrology
No:8. Gastroenterology
No:9. Clinical Pharmacology

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More about DNB

No:1. DNB can be equate with other postgraduate and postdoctoral degrees awarded by all reputed colleges and universities in India.
No:2. The DNB holders are eligible to apply for specialist and faculty post in hospitals and teaching institutions, respectively.

Important MCQ’s

Que.-1.जवाहरलाल नेहरू कांग्रेस के अध्यक्ष कितने बार बने?

(a) 2 बार

(b) 3 बार

(c)4 बार

(d) 5 बार

Ans : (b) 3 बार

Que.-2.भारत छोड़ो आंदोलन किस वायसराय के काल में हुआ था?

(a) लॉर्ड इरविन

(b) लॉर्ड विलिंगटन

(c) लॉर्ड लिनलिथगो

(d) लॉर्ड वैवेल

Ans : (c) लॉर्ड लिनलिथगो

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