Full Form of CST : Central Sales Tax

What is the full form of CST?

No:1. The full form of CST is Central Sales Tax.
No:2. It is a form of indirect tax which is imposed on goods sold from one state to another.
No:3. CST is put by one state’s seller on products sold to another state’s purchaser.
No:4. The Central State Tax Act of 1956 covers CST.
No:5. The Act decides Inter-state trade, the situations in which CST is applicable, sanctions and trade restrictions are outlined, etc.
No:6. The Central Government of India charges CST, but its playability is state-specific.
No:7. CST is an indirect & origin-based tax since it is regulated by the state in which the transaction originates & payable in the state wherein the product is sold.
No:8. It is for inter-state transactions only.
No:9. It does not refer to products sold within a state and to products being manufactured or exported.

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Exemptions from CST

In a few instances, CST is excluded from a few of that are listed below :
No:1. If outward freight is paid separately & outward, product coverage is passed on to the purchaser during dispatch, and it is excluded.
No:2. It is excluded if, within 180 days, the goods are returned.
No:3. For SEZs & international missions, CST is exempted.

Another Abbrevation of CST

No:1. The other full form of CST is Central Standard Time.
No:2. A time zone 6 hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time (GMT) is represented.
No:3. So, you have to subtract six hours from Universal Time to find the standard time in that region.
No:4. CST is found primarily in the North & Central American territories.

CST may have several additional names on the ground of different geographic locations, a few of that are listed below :

No:1. CT or Central Time
No:2. NACST (North American Central Standard Time)
No:3. In Spanish Tiempo Central Estandar (CST)
No:4. UTC -0600
No:5. In French HNC (Heure Normale du Centre)

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