Full Form of CPM : The full form of CPM is the Cost per Mile

What is the full form of CPM?

No:1. The full form of CPM is the Cost per Mile.
No:2. As the word Mille in Latin implies, is also called cost per thousand.
No:3. CPM is a marketing word used to refer to the cost on one webpage of 1,000 commercial experiences.
No:4. For instance, if RS. 150 CPM is paid by a website producer, it implies an individual should pay 150/- for every thousand impressions of the advertisement.

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Cost per mille (CPM) = Cost/ Thousand impressions

Some Important Points About CPM

Some important points abut CPM are as follows :
No:1. CPM is a frequently use web ad pricing strategy.
No:2. A CPM campaign’s effectiveness is determined by its CTR (click-through rate), which represents the percentage of individuals who have seen and opened your advertisement.
No:2. An advertisement that has two clicks for every 100 impressions, for instance, has a 2% CTR.
No:3. The effectiveness of advertising, nevertheless, can not be calculated strictly by CTR as just an ad that is not clicked but watched by a client could have an influence.

CPM meaning in Advertising

No:1. Cost per mille :  the advertising cost per thousand views
No:2. Cost per thousand impressions :  the online advertising equivalent

CPM meaning in Management

No:1. Carbon process management : corporate greenhouse gas abatement
No:2. Certified practising marketer : a qualification for Australian marketers
No:3. Certified Property Manager
No:4. Certified Public Manager
No:5. Comparable Profits Method :  a commonly used transfer pricing method for managing internal sales between two divisions of the same company
No:6. Corporate performance management is another name for business performance management use in Gartner reports on software systems
No:7. Critical path method : an algorithm for scheduling project activities

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